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When to go for allon6

Dental implants are on the rise and allon6 and allon4 are the most popular treatments. They offer a new set of dentures just like a natural smile. Both uses implants to support the dentures and achieve the same results. So, what is the difference? How do you know which one to go for? Today I want to address most common questions regarding the allon6.

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Allon4 vs Allon6 what is the difference?


The difference initially is very different because of the number of implant uses. Like their name implies all on 4 uses 4 implants per jaw and all on 6 uses 6 implants per jaw. This is very important when deciding because not all patients have enough bone to support 6 implants. That is when you know you should go for allon4 instead.

The ultimate diagnosis for your bone jaw will be the CT scan. IT is basically a 3D X-ray that will tell the dentist if you have enough bone. If that is not the case then a bone graft will be necessary before beginning the implant procedure.


How much does it cost?


Allon6 cost a fortune in the United state it can cost more than $20,000 USD one jaw alone! It definitively not worth it because you can get it at our clinic at 50% of that price. Send us an email to know payment methods and more detailed prices!