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How to have perfect white teeth?

Over time, your teeth can lose their shine by turning yellow and becoming unsightly brown. Behind them, are external factors related to food and other substances. We are talking about wine, coffee, soft drinks, foods with carotene and tobacco which, added to insufficient dental hygiene, can destroy the natural white of the teeth.

To get perfect white teeth, and strengthen your enamel we give you this set of guidelines:

  • Maintain proper dental hygiene

To get perfect white teeth, start by brushing your teeth after every meal, using a mouthwash and dental floss to remove all impurities. In addition, a dental cleaning at the dentist is recommended once or twice a year to thoroughly remove plaque and tartar from the teeth.

How to have perfect white teeth


  • Use a whitening toothpaste for daily use

You can resort to a paste specifically formulated to help remove the stains and turn your teeth into the perfect white teeth. In addition, you can find some products on the market that combine this action with protection against dental sensitivity, since it usually occurs in teeth that have lost their initial enamel.

  • Avoid non-professional whitening treatments

We often find “homemade solutions” based on bicarbonate, vinegar, lemon, apple juice, etc. Most of them can remove stains from the external surface of the tooth and exert a certain whitening effect. However, the great danger of this type of uncontrolled treatment is that it can attack the dentine, wear or loss of enamel and end up producing dental sensitivity, and get away from the goal of having perfect white teeth.

  • Moderate the consumption of foods that stain your teeth

Experts recommend moderating (not necessarily eliminating) the intake of foods and drinks with pigments, such as:

  • black tea
  • red wine 
  • coffee
  • cola drinks

It is also advisable to reduce foods rich in carotenes, such as carrots, tomatoes or spinach. On the contrary, white tea, milk (and derivatives) and foods rich in phosphorus, which are fundamental for the structure of the teeth, are recommended to help you get your perfect white teeth.

  • Eliminate tobacco

We all know how harmful nicotine is to our health and our bodies. However, many smokers are not aware of the damage it does to their teeth, since smoke contains chemicals that adhere strongly to tooth surfaces. Some stains can be removed with professional cleaning, but others will remain in your smile for life.

  • Opt for professional treatments

Most dental clinics offer options for restoring the original color of teeth without suffering the enamel. The most innovative and effective treatment in dental whitening with LED light, which can lighten up to ten shades of tooth color in a single 45-minute session, and in no time you have your smile with perfect white teeth.

  • Do not clench your teeth. 

Grinding teeth due to stress or tension, which is known as “bruxism”, wears down the enamel. Again, thinned enamel promotes staining and discoloration, away from getting perfect white teeth. Ask your dentist to make a splint (placed on your teeth at night) if you clench your teeth when you sleep.

  • Don’t brush your teeth right after eating 

You may think that brushing your teeth right after eating is an act that protects your teeth, but it’s not really the best way to achieve good oral health. The problem is that if you brush your teeth when you finish eating, you spread the acid from the food all over your mouth, making the effect more intense, which can cause the enamel to wear away.

How to have perfect white teeth

  • Drink plenty of water and chew gum (without sugar)

With both acts you will get your mouth always wet, something important since saliva and water produce a protective barrier that prevents food from being in permanent contact with the teeth.

  • Don’t abuse acidic foods

Due to their high degree of acidity, these, can erode the enamel and make the dentin (this is the layer under the enamel) more exposed to the acids we eat, which can cause irreparable damage to your teeth, and not help you reach your goal of perfect white teeth.

  • lemons
  • oranges 
  • tomatoes
  • vinegars 
  • pickled foods