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Habits that ruin your tooth enamel

The enamel is the coat that covers your teeth. It serves as a protector against bacteria and germs. It also gives a nice pearl color to your teeth. It can be really hard and durable if you take good care of it. What many patients do not know is how their habits are damaging this important part of their teeth. Today I will point out most common mistakes that are ruining your dental health.

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Bad brushing technique ruins your enamel


The most common mistake that harm your tooth enamel is bad brushing technique. Brushing hard and fast will strip down the enamel. Also doing horizontal motions instead of vertical ones is bad for you the enamel and your gums. What you want is to brush slowly and gentle and use vertical strokes combined with circular motions. I suggest a soft bristle toothbrush for maximum care.


Using bad your teeth


Another common problem I see in patients is that they tend to bite into hard things. Ice, hard candies and even bones I going to not only ruin your enamel, it’s going to eventually break your teeth. If you bite other things like pencils and pen, I suggest stopping doing also. Try to use chewing gum instead to protect your teeth.


Finally, I want to recommend avoiding colorant in food and drinks. Many soft drinks will stain your teeth and discolor them. Drink more water guys and maintain a good dental hygiene.