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Stop doing these bad habits for your teeth

Taking good care of your teeth is easy. But making mistakes that ruin your teeth is easier. Welcome to today’s article where we teach about bad habits that are ruining your teeth. Many of you may know about these if you are returning readers. That is why we suggest to read all of our entry to learn more about dental treatment and dental hygiene.


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Grinding your teeth is a bad habit for your teeth


This habit is known as bruxism and is very bad. It wears down your teeth enamel. This can weaken your teeth making them to crack or worse, fall off. Replacing teeth is really expensive and you can save money by treating this condition. To do so you can get a night guard to avoid grinding your teeth together.


Going to bed without brushing your teeth

Many dentists claim that you must brush your teeth 2 times a day at least. This is bad if you only brush after waking up and after lunch. One of the most important hours to brush your teth is before going to bed. Because we get around 8 hours of sleep, that is 8 hours without brushing our teeth. So grab your toothbrush and give your teeth a good clean before going to bed


Not using dental floss is a bad habit too


Food get stuck easily between your teeth. Many patients present bad dental hygiene because the bad habit of not using dental floss to clean their teeth. If you do not want to suffer from bad breath and gingivitis use floss after brushing to leave your teeth clean as they deserve.