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Teeth loss and how to replace them

Hello my good readers, welcome to today’s blog. I hope you are having a great week and are staying safe at home. Today we are going to talk a bit about teeth loss, how it starts, what causes it. Also, we are going to suggest a series of dental treatments that can fix that problem. That way you will have a complete guide to gain a new smile.


Teeth loss starts with little bad habits


Losing a tooth is really hard. Unless you get into some unfortunate accident, losing your teeth is unlikely. Most patients who come to the clinic seeking help for their bad teeth refer bad dental hygiene. Remember that our body is like a machine, if you do not take good care of it, it’s going to start crumbling down. Dental hygiene functions as maintenance of your teeth, you should not neglect it.

What I mean with this is that you strive to clean your teeth daily if you wish to preserve your teeth forever. Brushing your teeth is vital for this operation, you get rid of all the plaque and tartar that rot your teeth away. The way tooth decay works is that your teeth is debilitated by lack of hygiene. The more time you leave it on your teeth, the worse and faster the results will be. So do not take dental hygiene lightly.


These consequences worsen if you eat badly too. Consuming sugar, sodas, and other junk food also take a toll in your teeth. Accompany this with alcohol and tobacco and you got yourself a recipe for disaster.  So cut down the bad food and habits from your diet so cleaning your teeth gets easier.


How to properly clean your teeth


The correct way to clean your teeth is to brush them 3 times a day at least. You want to get a soft bristle toothbrush and use slow and gentle strokes. You do not need to brush quickly and aggressive, that will only harm your teeth enamel and gums. The amount of toothpaste you have to use is like half your toothbrush’s head. You do not need that much to clean your teeth. As for motions, vertically works wonderful but you can complete it with circular and horizontal too.


Afterwards get a couple of inches of dental floss to clean between your teeth. Food stuck there are the most common cause for gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis. Both cause teeth loss, so do not skip this phase of your dental hygiene. Be sure to be just as gentle as you were with brushing to avoid damaging your teeth and gums.


Complete the ritual with mouthwash to rinse and your teeth will be perfectly clean. There are other things you can do to improve such as using a tongue scrapper. We suggest consulting with your dentist on how to improve your dental hygiene and brushing technique. Now that you know how to avoid tooth loss let’s see how to fix it.


Teeth replacement procedures


Losing a tooth or several teeth it is not the end of the world. Everything has a solution, so do not despair. Not matter how messed up your teeth are, I guarantee there is a way to fix that. That is why I am going to mention some common ways to fix teeth loss. Stay tune and keep reading to know the best dental clinic and prices in Los Algodones, Mexico.


I am missing a single tooth or many teeth


Solving these cases is really easy and cost effective. For a single tooth we have a flipper if you do not have a big budget. It is a false tooth that you can put it on and take it off at will. It does not provide a permanent solution or look amazing, but it does the job pretty good. On the other hand, a dental bridge can look way better and can last up to 15 years with proper care.


Maybe a partial denture is more at your alley. It can look amazing but it does not stay put together. So if you are looking for something that will stay there forever then I suggest dental implants. They cost more, yes, but they are permanent teeth. You will have amazing teeth forever after previously lose your natural ones.


I do not have any teeth left


Here the options are less but you can find affordable replacements among other choices. The most common way to replace teeth is with denture. This is a treatment has existed for a long time but it is effective. You can choose between am acrylic denture or a porcelain denture. Both are nice and can give you a good look.

All-on-4 technique

Again, the next option is going for dental implants. A snap of denture is the cheapest option available. Here, the dentist uses 2 or 3 implants to support a denture that can be snapped on or off. It requires proper care but you get a permanent set of dentures. It has its pros and cons, so evaluate all your options before getting one.


Finally the best option is the Allon4, which uses 4 implants to support a permanent fixed denture. It won’t budge nor move, it’s like having natural teeth all over again. This is amazing for the patients who wanted to get their smile back, forever. You can get all these treatment with us, let’s see how.


Where to find the best prices in Los Algodones


All the dental treatments listed here can be obtained in our dental clinics in Los Algodones, Mexico. To know more information about costs, details, you can use the contact form above. You will receive an email within the next 2 hours with the prices you asked. Afterwards, making an appointment is really easy.


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