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Dental hygiene for elder patients

Hello everybody, hope you are having a great week. Today I have some tips for our elder patients. We always think of you when we write most of our article. So I hope you enjoy today’s blog as well. Many habits change when we grow older and that includes our dental hygiene. It is important that you take care of your body because it gets weaker and weaker as years go by. The same goes for our teeth.


If you are not an elder (yet), then you should also keep reading. Because you can avoid many dental problems if you keep a good dental hygiene. These tips should be useful for you too so when you get to that age you won’t have anything to worry about. Without further do, let’s begin.


Diet changes for elder patients


We are what we eat, that is one truth I always preach. The food what we eat influences in our body, including our teeth. If we do not eat right our teeth can weaken and fall off. This is more important to follow if you are an elder because your teeth are more sensible and weaker. I am going to share with you some of the food you must add to your diet so your teeth stay healthy and strong.


Food good for your teeth


Ok, so I want to begin with mil. This is a drink you should have at least once a day. Why is that? Because calcium. Our bones are made from calcium, if we do not ingest enough our bones get weaker and can break. Our teeth are made from calcium, so you see the correlation there. One glass a day should do the trick. You can also add milk derivatives like cheese, yogurt and others. Calcium is also an important treatment for osteoporosis, a common condition among the elderly.


Other nice foods you can add to your diet are greens. Fruits and vegetables also contain vitamins and nutrients important for our body. Eating more salads, soups and even juice is good for our body. I am a big fan of juices because they are easy to ingest and make. I find myself with energy all day thanks to this and working out daily. if you wonder about my workout routine, I just walk half an hour a day.


To all of you meat lovers I have good news for you, you can eat meat. As long as you add veggies and healthy carbs for a balanced meal you are good. Protein is a huge part of our health, and this is important for your teeth too. One thing to note is that you should avoid eating rare or medium rare and instead go for a well done cooking. It will easy for you to bite and chew and you avoid stomach’s diseases.


Food and drinks to avoid


Speaking of which, you should also avoid certain eating habits that can ruin your teeth. One of them is to bite into hard things. You would be surprised by the amount of people who likes to bite into bones, ice and other stuff. This is a practice that can break your teeth badly. Best case scenario you will wear down your teeth. This is not safe at all and you should drop it.


Other food to reduce is sugar. Candies and sweets are a delight but in excess they can ruin your teeth. Sugar is the principal responsible for caries and cavities. So to avoid this and other dental diseases like gingivitis, bad breath and teeth stain, reduce its consumption. Other drinks that can cause teeth stains are sodas, coffee and alcohol.


And now that we talk about habits lets mention tobacco. Smoking is a no go for dental hygiene because tis ruin your teeth. I know quitting the habit can be very difficult, almost impossible at this age but if you can quit it. If not at least reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke because it will ruin your teeth and lungs. Thrust me, bad teeth are the less of your concerns. You will have to face other consequences like cancer, so if you value your life pleas hear this advice.


Good dental habits for elders


Eating right it’s just one part of the equation, dental hygiene another part. What you need is to keep a good dental hygiene routine that you can do every day. Constance is the key to achieve this, at this age it should be easy to muster the discipline to do just that. We are going to start by the basics so pay attention to the next part.


You want to start by brushing your teeth 3 times a day. Ideally after every meal you will be fine, but brushing it is not enough. You need to floss your teeth to get rid of food debris stuck between your teeth. Afterward you rinse with mouthwash to kill most of the bacteria and spit out to then smile with health beautiful teeth.

You may be wondering, what if I do not have teeth left? You must practice this routine not matter your condition. If you have crowns, partial, even dentures, you have to take care of them. They can easily stain and break as your natural teeth, so keep at it. And if by any chance you need dental treatment you can use our help.


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