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Solving bad breath problems forever

Hi guys, welcome back to our awesome blog again. Having a bad breath is a common problem between all the patients that contact us. It is understandable that it can bother us so much, because it can lower our self-esteem.  No one wants to scare everyone away every time we open our mouth, nor we want to be on the receiving end.


That is why today I want to talk a bit about bad breath and how we can improve this condition and fix it. It is really easy and it does not require much effort to solve. What you will definitively need is to go to a dentist as soon as possible to locate the reason why you have bad breath. We can help you with that as we can get you a FREE consultation and evaluation with the best dentists in Los Algodones Mexico.


How to find the best dentists in Los Algodones Mexico

Along with all the dental problems our patients have, this is the most frequently asked question we receive. For those of you who are new on the website and blog, we are going to describe what is Los Algodones. Just for starters it is a little town just crossing the US-Mexican border, about 7 miles southwest form Yuma, Arizona.


In this picturesque town you can find more than 300 dentists ready to welcome you and charge you less than the US and Canada’s dentists. But be aware that not every dentist has US quality, and that is where we can help you. We help you locate the perfect dentist for your needs and budget for FREE.


To schedule an appointment just use the contact form or call us at the number above. Save move and time finding the best dentist in town. We can fix bad breath along with any dental need like cleaning, whitening, dental crowns and dentures. We can even help get the best implantologist and dental implants treatment of the world at the best price. Contact us now!


Causes of bad breath


Now back in track let’s talk about bad breath, or halitosis. What are the most common causes, how can we avoid it in the first place. The most common cause for halitosis is poor dental hygiene. This is a fact many patients have to understand, you cannot ignore a good dental hygiene routine. We have in our blog many articles dedicated to this but I will try my best to resume it.


Brush your teeth 3 times a day at least. The best time to do so is after every meal because you can clean your teeth right away. This can avoid that chemicals and stains set in your teeth, avoiding yellow or discolored teeth besides a foul breath. Afterwards dental floss is your teeth’s best friend, because food debris is one of the main culprits.


The food that gets stuck between your teeth can decay and rot. This affects our teeth and the soft tissue like the gums and tongue. Leaving a piece of meat or vegetable stuck can lead to halitosis very easily. It does not matter how much you rush, the breath will stay in bad shape if you do not get rid of the debris and see a dentist.


Besides this I can suggest to clean your tongue and the inside of your cheeks. Food, bacteria and germs also can cause a foul breath. Dead cells also deposit in these places so it is necessary that you brush them away. Antiseptic mouthwash will help a lot to kill all the bacteria and germs that causes halitosis.


Watch what you eat


We have given you many tips to level up your dental hygiene and avoid bad breath. But there is so much more to avoid your breath smelling really bad. Our diet and what we eat also influences on our breath. If you eat too much sugar for example our teeth will decay faster. This can affect our breath quicker than you think.


The same goes for sodas and coffee, they can not only stain your smile, the can give you a bad breath. You may also think that vegetable are fine, but sadly that is not the case. Onions and garlic can also give you a foul breath, the same goes for tomatoes and bell peppers. Basically anything acidic will make your breath suffer.


To balance things out you must drink lots of water. Also do not forget to practice a good dental hygiene to mitigate the effects of what you eat. Remember that food rots over time and the more time it stays in your mouth, the worse the smell gets. As a rule of thumb, never go to sleep without cleaning your teeth and always clean them as soon as you wake up in the morning.


On tip I can give you is to carry mint candy with you to mask your breath between meals. Also chewing sugarless gum can also work wonderfully to avoid halitosis. This works because it helps to produce more saliva, which cleanse our teeth naturally.


Bad habits have to go


Ok finally we have habits that cause bad breath like alcohol and tobacco. Both are common practice in adults and they are really bad for our dental hygiene. If you have been drinking too much and smoking, you can see your teeth decaying and turning yellow. At this point there is not much you can do at home and you need to see a dentist.


Cigarettes specially are really bad for teeth. It can lead to gum recession, tooth loss and more. It can start with gingivitis and bleeding every time you brush your teeth. Over time the gums will disappear along with your teeth until they turn black and fall off. So both are two habits you should quit as soon as possible. It is that har to quit, at least cut it down so it do not affect your teeth that quickly.


Do you know other habits that are bad for our breath? Let us know in the comments!