Los Algodones Dentists Guide

A briefing on popular dental treatments

Hello my friends, hope you are starting this year with the right foot. I want to start strong this blog by listing some of the most popular dental treatments in Los Algodones. You will read a in depth description about them and how to get the best price in town. Remember that if you have any question you can email us or fill the contact form to get a FREE quote.


Most popular dental treatments in Los Algodones


Without any order in particular I will start mentioning these treatments. I am basing the dental treatment in all the patients and reviews we have gotten over the years, many patients call us and send us email asking for prices. It is our job and goal to help them to find affordable dental care in Mexico. So let’s start right away with the list.


Dental implants

Implants are by far the most popular treatment requested in our website. I know for a fact that one of the main reasons is its high cost in the US. It can cost more than $20.000 one full arch, which makes it almost unattainable for most patients. Here in Los Algodones  we can find you clinic that can provide the same treatment, same quality for half a price.


As for implants, the Allon4 is one of the most requested. Many patients seek to replace their dentures with implant supported ones. This is an excellent choice to get a new smile and get the smile of your dreams. Other treatments that get lots of attention are single implants for patients hat want to replace a single tooth or an old bridge.




Other dental treatment that patients ask a lot is braces. It is understandable because most of us have crooked teeth. It can get so crowded that the smile does not look all that good. This is another procedure that can cost a lot in the United Stated. Again, we got your back with amazing prices in town.


One name I hear a lot is Invisalign, which is an invisible brace. Nobody can tell for sure you are on a orthodontic treatment. You can find the best deal through our contact form. Retainers and mouth guards are also products we can help you find so do not be shy to ask.


Dental crowns


One of the most popular dental solutions for broken and chipped teeth has to be dental crowns. They come in many materials so choosing the best one for you can be a challenge. Luckily for you I will share some tips to do so efficiently. First you have to consider your budget as better crowns can come costly.


First you have metal fused with porcelain which is the cheapest. That does not mean that they are bad, they are ideal for the molars because that way people won’t see the metallic lining underneath. However if you can afford it, you can go with full porcelain or zirconia. The latter being the best in the market because is harder and last longer.


Fillings can also be included in this topic because of their uses. Many patients also ask about fillings because they can solve chipped teeth without doing the buildup and crowns.



Last but not least, teeth cleaning, simple or deep is an important procedure to have at the dentist. Many patients that ask for prices just want simple things. It does not get simpler than checkup and cleaning. Which is really important for your dental health, schedule and appointment with a dentist at least twice a year.


Just as important as cleaning, whitening is necessary for the perfect smile. This is why is also a top dental treatment requested by our patients. Do not forget to also schedule one to get rid of teeth stain caused by coffee, tobacco and poor dental hygiene!


How to find the best dentists in Los Algodones


Ok, now you know the most popular treatments available in Los Algodones. At this point chances are that you are happy to see that you can get what you need at an affordable price. Now the challenge is to pick the best place available. Because we need quality, expending hard earned money is a tough choice. The first tip I can give you is to read a lot online, find as many reviews as you can to expand your choices.


We can help you narrow down the sear thanks to our services based on other patient’s reviews and experiences. To find out the best dental clinic in Los Algodones, it is as easy as to fill the contact form in our website. You will receive an email within the next 24 hours with the best prices available.


The best part of our services is that it is completely FREE. That is right we narrow down the search for you, free of costs. You will save time and money searching for dental care in Mexico. Prices in Los Algodones are 50% less than the United State and Canada. You can expect to save even more if you pick the right clinic.

Los Algodones is more than dentistry


If you are reading this and reached this point then I want to congratulate you and give you a prize. Let me tell you that Los Algodones is more than just dental treatment and clinics you can find other neat things too! One of them is the amazing local cuisine. If you are a foodie just like me you will fall in love with all the Mexican delicacies available in town.


Aside from that you can find other useful services at good prices such as pharmacies and prescription glasses. Those two are some of the articles you can find cheaper than the US. If you are planning a trip to Los Algodones for dental treatment then do not forget to also check out these things along with some tourist’s attractions! You can find more in our other entries in this very same blog. See you in the next article!