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Best dental hygiene tips for elder patients

Hi my dear readers, welcome to today’s blog! I want to give away the best dental hygiene tips for the elder readers. I want to address you guys today because you are our largest base of readers according to our data. That is why we are looking forward to help you with this article sharing the best habits to improve your smile. If you are younger, then you are in luck because you can apply most of this to you too!


Dental hygiene is something that becomes important as you grow older. You have to take good care of your teeth in all stages of your life. But there is no denying that you have to take extra care as you grow older because your teeth are not the same. They deteriorate over usage and time. So do not be surprised if you have some problems here and there. It is perfectly normal, let’s see what we have in our hands:


Common dental problems in older patients

Over time one common problem is yellow teeth and stains. This comes because of many reasons such as our eating habits or poor dental hygiene. You have to take into account what you eat and drink and how often do you clean your teeth. If both are really poor then your teeth will look really bad. Do not underestimate the importance of a good dental hygiene routine.


What your dental care routine should look like is to brush your teeth at least 3 times a day. You have to brush after every meal. Do not forget to use dental floss to clean between your teeth. Food debris gets stuck there and when it rots it damages your teeth real fast. After brushing your teeth rinse your mouth with mouthwash to kill all bacteria and germs.


If you are wondering how to properly brush your teeth I really suggest to read our other entries in this blog, it is a subject we have tackle many times before. But to be really quick and summarize everything, take your time and be gentle. Do not rush it and brush aggressively, that will only strip your teeth from the enamel.


Drinks that stain your teeth


As I said before you have to be wary of food and drinks that stains your teeth. One common beverage that can ruin your smile in the long run is coffee. Before you jump at me I want to tell you that I am not suggesting or implying to quit coffee. What I want you to do are to reduce the consumption to 1 cup a day. And accompany it with good dental hygiene. The same goes to soft drinks like colas.


The thing with most soft drinks is that they contain tons of sugar and artificial colorant. Both are a lethal combo for your teeth. The less you drink them the better your teeth will look when you grow older. Also I want to share with you that when it comes to food, do not use your teeth to bite into hard things. You will only chip them or break them, so treat them nicely.

Worst case scenario you can lose your teeth. Tooth loss is another common problem among the elderly. But below we will help you to solve this problem.


Dealing with tooth loss as  elder patients


If you are an elder patient reading this and you have teeth loss, do not despair. You have to maintain your dental hygiene routine no matter what. Keeping your remaining teeth healthy is a must if you want to spend less in dental treatment. Otherwise you will lose them and the solutions will cost you an arm and a leg. However at the end of this article I will tell you how to get dental treatment at 50% less the usual cost.


You can use a bride, or a partial denture if your situation is that you are only missing a couple of teeth. It is important that you do something to replace them because the bone will wear down. Then you will lose a lot of bone and your teeth will crowd together. This can seriously cause many health issues, so pleas seek a dentist.


If you have really bad teeth or are missing a lot I suggest dental implants. You can also get them all extracted and just go for dentures, but it will depend on your budget.  Dental Implants are the best for elder patient because it brings them a permanent solution. New teeth forever and no one can tell the difference between a denture supported by implants and natural teeth.


Save money in dental implants


Now, dental implants treatment such as the Allon4 can be pricy to say the least. Well, that is the case in the United States and Canada, but not here in Los Algodones, Mexico. You can pay way less if you come to this beautiful town located 10 miles southwest from Yuma, Arizona. To get a good offer and deals you can use our services to schedule an appointment with our dentists. We can guarantee you can pay 50% less than US’s prices.


We help patients all over the world to find affordable dental treatment in Los Algodones Mexico. So if you are looking to step up your dental hygiene or find the best dentist in town contact us! It is really easy, just fill up the form above or call us at the phone number you see. You can also use our online chat. We will be more than happy to help you improve your smile.


The process is really quick and easy. We will accompany you in every step of the way. We are proud to say we work with the best dental clinics with up to date facilities and training. They follow ADA standards and have bilingual staff so you can communicate with no problem. Hope this article helped you a lot and we will be waiting for you in the next article!