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Should you get veneers or crowns?

Hello guys, welcome back to our awesome blog! Today I want to answer a popular question, which dental treatment is better, dental crowns or veneers? Both have their pros and cons, which is why I want to talk a bit about them. That way I can help you make a decision that will work for you perfectly based in your case. So stay until the end to learn how you can get any of these treatments for a good price in Los Algodones, Mexico.


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Dental veneers or crowns?


Let’s set today’s matter once and for all. This is a popular question at our dental clinic in Los Algodones as said before. This is because they are both an excellent treatment for cosmetic dentistry. Even so they benefit different patients depending on each case. So if you wish to know which one is better for you allow me to explain. Down below I will try my best to convince you which dental treatment is better and why.


Why choose dental crowns

Dental crowns are one of the most requested dental treatments due to its cost and effectiveness. In case you do not know what they are, it consists in a cap that goes over your tooth. In order to fit properly the dentist has to wear down your tooth. Do not worry, it does not hurt at all, local anesthesia is used on the patient. This brings us most of its pros and cons, so keep in tune so you can reach your own conclusion.


As you can guess, it is a fairly quick and painless treatment to get, which is good. They can look just as nice as natural teeth, it will depend on the material you get. This is another plus, because the treatment is really versatile. That way you can save tons of money, but don’t get me wrong, you have to choose wisely.

Different materials mean different costs. You have porcelain fused with metal which is the cheapest, full porcelain which is the middle ground and zirconia, which is the best. Each one satisfies each budget. Always consult with your dentist to get a better look at your options. What I can say is that opt for dental crowns if your tooth are in bad shape and you are limited on budget.

The downside is that your tooth has to be worn down, so there is no turning back. That means that you have to commit to the treatment until you choose to replace them for dental implants.


Why you should get dental veneers


On the other hand we have dental veneers, they are cool too. The first difference is in the treatment itself. The dentist only wears down the front of the tooth. Remember that the veneers works like a mask glued in front of the teeth. The materials used are reduced compared to the crowns, because they need to be tougher. They need to be resistant enough so they do not break easily.


That is why porcelain is used and it is amazing. They imitate the look and feel of natural teeth so they are an excellent choice. You can go for zirconia too if you wish them to last longer. The only downside I can point out is that they are not as versatile as dental crowns but they do a perfect job if you only need cosmetic dentistry in your front teeth. Also, theyr are quick and painless just like we mentioned above with the crowns.


As for prices, comparing the two the cost is almost the same. Porcelain fused with metal crowns are the cheapest and full porcelain treatment cost the same. Veneers cost is a little higher not by that much because they are custom made. The work put into them is more than the dental crowns, so you have to expect to spend more on them. Even so you can find them at a really low price at our dental clinics in Los Algodones.

Teeth whitening

Where to get veneers cheap


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