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How to fight bruxism

Hi there dear friends, welcome once again to a new blog. I got lot of questions in the last days about bruxism. It is a terrible condition to suffer so let’s see how we can beat it. A huge portion of the United States population suffers from it so this article can help some of you. Seriously, if this can help someone to save their teeth I will be very pleased.


First I want to tell you guys about our blog, it is very important before we start. Here you can find tons of topics regarding dental treatment and dental hygiene we love helping our patients and visitors regarding dental health. That is the sole reason this website exists, and to show you that you can save money in dental thanks to our prices. More on that later, so read until the end of this blog entry.


What is bruxism?


Bruxism is the action of grinding yor teeth together. It can happen voluntarily or involuntarily. This constant grinding will cause the teeth enamel to wear down and break. Many patients that suffer from this condition have small teeth all grinded due to this. This is very bad for dental health and looks aesthetically lacking. So it is important to act sooner than later so you do not lose your teeth.


To avoid bruxism I can suggest two things. Seeking therapy if the causes are rooted to anxiety and stress, it really does wonders. Second, to get a mouth guard so you cannot grind your teeth together. This can be a life savior if the grinding occurs at night when sleeping. Even so, the reasons why many patients have bruxism can be varied, so first it is important to schedule an appointment with a dentist to diagnose the disease.

Reasons behind Bruxism


As said above the reasons can be tied to stress and anxiety, those are the most recurrent causes I see in the consultation with my patient. They develop the habit to grind their teeth when they fell emotionally unstable. That is one of the reason I always suggest them to seek help from a professional therapist to tackle the core issue.

Other patients on the other hand, have bruxism because of certain tics or motor problem. Although it is somewhat scarce, it can happen. Here with the help of a dentist and a physician we can help them feel better and stop the bruxism. This can take time, but it will be very rewarding when you finally beat it. There are many dental treatments available to solve cases of grinded teeth.


How to get rid of bruxism


You suggest using a mouth guard previously mentioned above if your teeth does not have significant damage. Cosmetic dentistry can fix any patient’s smile no matter how bad is the case. We can use veneers to cover the front of the teeth if the damage is minimal. In far worse cases then dental crowns will be the best treatment available. Every case needs a previous evaluation to decide the best course of action.


I have seen patients that bridges results better choice than crowns. Other case I have seen are teeth that are so worn down that cannot support a crown. In those cases an extraction needs to be performed to install the bridge or the dental implants. Also, other teeth can get crooked due to bruxism, in those cases then orthodontics like braces and retainers will be also necessary.


What I mean with all these is that every case has a solution. You can fix any problem presented. Bruxism does not matter and you can get your teeth fixed. It may cost a lot in the United State but if you come to our dental clinic in Mexico you will save your hard earned money. Below I will show you how exactly you can do that.




Save money in dental treatment


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How to use Los Algodones Dentists’ Guide


To arrive to Los Algodones you have to take the interstate in Yuma Arizona, then drive 10 miles southwest to the Andrade border. I suggest leaving your vehicle in the parking lot in the US side of the border and cross walking to Los Algodones. This is way easier and faster than crossing with a car, as the line takes longer to advance. Remember you can book an appointment in advance through us, which I recommend.


After you make an appointment with us, a representative of the clinic will wait for you at the border. That way you can walk to the clinic safely. If you have any further questions we will more than glad to answer them in the comments below. Hopefully we see you soon here Los Algodones to help you get the smile you deserve.