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Why brushing your tongue can change your life

Hello dear readers, welcome to our dental blog again. Brushing your tongue is an activity that can change your dental health. Many patients overlook it and do not brush it. This can cause many diseases and problems in the future. That is why today I want to teach you about your tongue and dental hygiene. I want to help those people that are struggling with their dental health regarding this topic.


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Why brushing your tongue is so important


The tongue is an important muscle for the body. It helps us eat, speak and so much more, so keeping it healthy is good for dental hygiene. That is because many bacteria and germs accumulate there. This is the root of many problems as those bacteria and germs can develop diseases. The correct way to get rid of them is to practice a good dental hygiene at home and visiting your dentists for dental cleaning.


In case you do not clean your tongue good enough you can suffer from fungus that can affect your body. Other conditions are black tongue which makes it look really bad and nasty. You should pay close attention to its color and smell. Those two alone can help you detect any problem in advance. Now, let’s review some dental hygiene tips that can help you avoid these conditions and keep everything neat and fresh.


Dental hygiene tips for your tongue

First of all I suggest to drink lots of water. Keeping your mouth well hydrated will help you avoid dry mouth and tongue. Dryness will make it easier for germs and bacteria to wreak havoc, so strive to drink at least 6 glasses of water daily. The same can be said about your diet, greasy food, junk food and sugar create the perfect environment for disaster. Bacteria and germs will grow in your mouth, specially our tongue and create many problems.


It will start with bad breath and evolve in the diseases previously mentioned. To avoid this you got to practice a good dental hygiene at home. The following routine is excellent for cleaning all your mouth. So pay close attention, start by choosing the right toothbrush to clean your mouth. For this job the soft bristle toothbrush is perfect. It is soft enough to clean your tongue, teeth and gums without damaging them in the process.


Many patients make the wrong choice of using harder bristles and they end up cutting soft tissue. Besides it can also wear down the tooth enamel which is pretty bad. That will weak the teeth and makes them prone to breakage. Remember to use the correct brushing technique, always slow and gentle. This applies to the tongue too, you do not want to cut it in the process. After that do not forget to use dental floss for cleaning food debris between your teeth.


Finish with rinsing with mouthwash to leave the mouth free of germs and bacteria. Also it will feel fresh and clean. Do this every day, 3 times at least and you will create the perfect dental hygiene routine. This will help your tongue and teeth stay healthy for a very long time. Even so you should not discard using other tools to take your dental hygiene to the next level.


Using the tongue scrapper


This tool is especially designed to clean your tongue. It makes really easy and does a great job. Here are some tips, buy a tongue scrapper that is the same size of your tongue, too little and it will be harder to scrap food debris. Too big and it will feel very uncomfortable. Always pick a good brand and do not waste money in cheap products. Use it after flossing to leave your tongue clean and beautiful.


When using the tongue scrapper you have to be really careful. Do not use it fast and aggressive as it can hurt you. It can cut yourself so be responsible. There is some scrapper made from special plastic that is really gentle to the soft tissue. If you are team tongue scrapper leave it down in the comments and share your tips and opinions. Now let’s see what other things you can do to have better dental hygiene.


Improving your dental hygiene

Brushing at home is not enough to have a good dental health, you need to see a dentist to complete the job. That is why I suggest going at least twice a year for regular checkup and cleaning. This is the bare minimum you can do to have a healthy tongue. Besides, only a dentist can detect any problems and help you accordingly. So do not ignore this advice. If you are worried about the cost of dental then you should contact us.


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