Popular dental treatment for kids

Hello! Today we are going to talk about dental treatment for kids. The younger in the family, as they need to take care of their teeth the most. This is because a good dental hygiene and treatment for their teeth will ensure that they grow up beautiful and healthy. As they are growing up, there will be many situations and conditions they will need to help their teeth.


This is very common so do not be surprised if you have to take your kid to the dentist for some dental work. Just remember to educate them in case they are scare of dentists. This can make things a little difficult but hey, dentists are really friendly! No need to be scared, I remember I used to be really scared when I was younger and ended up becoming one.


How to help your kids lose the fear of dentists

This can be an easy task the younger they are. The best you can do is taking them for cleaning and checkup twice a year when they are little. That will make them accustomed to being at the dentist. Other thing that helps is to tell them all about dentist and make them see that they just want the best for their teeth. Usually children are really scared of doctor and dentist because they think they will hurt them, when in reality is the opposite.


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What dental treatments are good for your children?


Now, let’s begin with today’s topic. There are many situations where a kid can need dental treatment. Even so the most important of all is dental cleaning. You should take them twice a year so their teeth always look clean and neat. The reason behind this is to create a good dental hygiene. You want to avoid many dental diseases such as gingivitis, caries and halitosis.


The responsibility does not fall entirely on the dentist’s shoulder. You want to teach them a good dental hygiene routine that they can do daily. I will teach you more about that later in this article. Brushing their teeth 2 times a day, using floss and rinsing with mouth wash will make their smile healthy and beautiful. Along with their yearly visits at the dentist they should grow with perfectly healthy teeth.


Now, there are occasions where they can hurt their teeth, chip them or even break them. In that case dental crowns and veneers will do the job just fine. Depending on their age, they have to change them because the tooth grows with them. This is another reason why checkups are important to do ir at least once a year.


For teens, orthodontics are important. As we grow older, our wisdom teeth can grow late and impact our other teeth. This will make them crowd together and look crooked. To avoid this the patient needs to use braces for a couple of year. Getting adjustment every 2 months is important to complete the treatment. After that retainers will be necessary to hold the straighten teeth in place.


Frequently asked questions


One question parents asked me a lot is if getting dental treatment will be painful for their children. The answer is a huge NO. Our dentists are really well prepared for any dental treatment and are really caring. Besides anesthesia is used if necessary or requested. You do not have to worry about your children having a bad experience at the dentist.


Other question I get a lot is that why take your children to the dentist if their teeth will grow back. Not taking care of their teeth, especially at a young age can attract many diseases. Besides you will be creating a pattern of poor dental hygiene. That is why I recommend taking them as soon as possible so they lose the fear of dentist in the process.


Next question is related to the last one. Many parents also state that they cannot afford dental treatment because it is so expensive in the United State. Well, here in Los Algodones Dentists’ Guide you will find dental clinic that charges 50% less than the US and Canada. So if you are in a tight budget we can help you make the most out of you hard earned money.

How to teach good dental hygiene to your kids


To teach good habits you have to start by doing it yourself. Kids learn like a sponge, they absorb everything they observe. So imitation is key to learn, and you want as a parent that they imitate good habits. Start by brushing your teeth every day so they pick up this habit. Next you want to teach them how to use dental floss and mouth wash.


One thing worked for my children was to make it a family bonding time. They love spending time with their parents so why not brush our teeth side by side. That way I can supervise if they are doing it properly. Other thing that works wonders is to make it a game. Kids love to play and learning while playing is pretty fun for them.


You can also try giving them rewards, but be careful. You do not want to spoil them and do it for the rewards. You want them to do it for their dental hygiene. Among other methods you can try using technology like app and internet videos. There is so much material online for kids to lear to brush their teeth and make the activity more pleasing for them.


That is it for today, let us know what other questions you may have. See you next week with another article!



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