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What you must know about getting an allon4

Hello guys, hope you are having a nice relaxing weekend. Since everything will start to open up as it used to be this article may interest you. This means is that everyone will come to Los Algodones Mexico to receive dental treatment. Dental implants procedures are especially popular at the moment, so many readers ask me about allon4. It is also known as full mouth dental implants, if you are considering getting one soon keep reading.


Why get an allon4?


You may be wondering what is an allon4 exactly, allow me to explain. T all on 4 is a dental implant procedure where the patient gets 4 dental implants in one arch, either top or bottom and a permanent fixed denture. This gives the patient a new set of teeth rather than a denture. It looks incredibly good and function the same as natural teeth. This offers a permanent solution for teeth loss to all patients that are desperate for fixing their condition.


So if you wish to get rid of your denture or want to improve the way your smile looks this is the procedure for you. Note that all teeth have to be extracted in order to get the treatment. Take in mind that this will replace all teeth with no turning back. So this also is a treatment that works for patients who have their teeth in a really bad shape. Before going for the allon4 the patient need to have enough jaw bone to support the implants.

To know if you have enough bone beforehand a CT scan will be performed at the clinic. This will give us a 3D image of the patient’s jaw to know if he or she has enough bone. If that is the case then the procedure can begin as soon as possible. If not, then a bone graft is needed in order to begin with the procedure. After the bone graft heals properly, which usually takes to 6 months, the patient comes back to begin the allon4 procedure as normal.


How the procedure goes


The most important thing you need to know initially is that the procedure itself is quick and painless. The implantologist uses a local anesthesia to numb the patient. Afterward, thanks to the CT scan the dentist can use a modern drill, which uses a computer to mark the exact location where the implant is going to be. Then the drill will make the hole and put the implant in place, all in one motion. It is surprisingly fast, the implantologist can be done in about an hour, but it will depend in the complexity of the case.


After that a temporary acrylic denture is set so the patient leave with teeth, along with pain meds to endure the healing process. This usually takes 6 to 8 months and then the implants will be ready for the final denture. It is important that you follow every instruction or otherwise the implants can fail. Remember the bone around the implants has to heal first and in the meanwhile it cannot support weight or force.


Advantages of the All on 4 dental implants


As we said above, it is a really good replacement for teeth. Patients can forget about bridges, partials and denture. As we grow older these solutions are really uncomfortable for some of us. Some just wants to get new teeth forever, and the allon4 satisfy this demand. It also looks aesthetically pleasing and function just like natural teeth.


But not everything is nice, the all on 4 has two main disadvantages. One is the waiting period, you have to wait 6 months to enjoy all the perks the treatment give you. If you are not really patient then you will suffer a lot. The other one is the cost, which can cost $20,000 per arch in the United State. That is a lot of money, but here in Los Algodones Mexico you can pay half of it.


Allon4 half the price compared to the USA


Here at Los Algodones Dentisst’ Guide we have the best implantologists in town. DDS Barragan and DDS Bojorquez have studied in the State and have traveled around the globe completing studies on the allon4 techniques. There are no better dentists in Mexico and you can get an appointment for FREE with them. Our facilities have all the equipment up to date along with all the American Dentist’s Association standards.


We use the best materials for the procedure, no knock off that can fail miserably. We work with the best brands to ensure our patients receive the bet treatment available. We take seriously our profession and your health. We are proud to be your dentists and making you smile again. So you are welcome at our clinic any time to get treated by the best in the business.


Besides the staff is really nice and friendly. They are bilingual so you do not have to worry about communication at all. We also work with several dental treatments, not just dental implants. You can get your cleaning, whitening, dentures, orthodontics and more here for half the price of the United States and Canada. Plus, you have guarantee for our work and free consultation and evaluation.All-on-4 technique


How to make an appointment


Making an appointment is really easy. You can use our contact form button above to send us a message. Afterwards you will receive a free quote on your email. You can answer back to ask any question or speak with our dentist to set the appointment. You can also call the number above to get prices and schedule your appointment. Our patient coordinators will be more than gald to help you in every step of the way.


That is it for today, hope this help to make a decision about this awesome procedure. Let us know in the comments what other procedure you would like to know too. Or ask us any questions about the allon4. I will read them and try my best to answer. See you next week with another article.