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How to stop bruxism now

Hello my dear readers, today we will talk about bruxism. It is also known as grinding your teeth together. It is a condition that affects most of us and can cause many problems. That is why today I want to address this topic so most of you can do something. It has a solution so pay attention reading my words. Let’s not waste more time and jump right into it.


For starters, as I stated above, grinding your teeth can ruin your smile. Some patient do it consciously and other unconsciously. The causes can vary, but the effects are the same. It can chip and break your teeth. Also it can misalign your bite and cause many problems in your jaw. This causes paint and an uncomfortable sensation for the patient.

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Causes of bruxism


The main cause of bruxism is anxiety and stress. Both are common condition for us, the thing is how we learn to cope with them. Anxiety can make us tense our muscles, including our mouth, making our teeth grind against others. The effects are devastating because it wears them down. This includes the enamel, which is important to protect our teeth.


Other patients have it worse, as they cannot control themselves. They tend to grind their teeth even in their sleep, not being able to do anything about it. It is such an horrible position to be because their smile is slowly fading away. But do not despair, everything has a solution and I will show you how today.


Treatment for bruxism


There are many things to do about bruxism. First I suggest visiting a dentist because you have to do something about the damage on your teeth. Also, you want to avoid grinding your teeth and a dentist can help you with that. so let’s take a look about what a dentist can do to help you. Keep in mind that you can get all these treatment in our dental clinics in Los Algodones, Mexico. I will teach you how to make an appointment in a bit.


The first treatment a dentist can do to help you to stop grinding your teeth is with a mouth guard. A mouth guard or mouth piece can help you stop damaging your teeth while you sleep. This is really helpful as it stop further damage to your denture. The best you can get is one custom made by using a mold. Remember to use every time you go to bed and your teeth will be safe.


Repairing the damage

Now you want to stop the damage on your smile. There are plenty of options to choose. This will depend on how damaged your teeth are. If the damage is not that bad you can opt for veneers to retrun your smile to its former glory. Porcelain veneers are the best because they imitate the look and feel of natural teeth.


If the teeth are somewhat wear down then a crown will do wonders. It acts like a cap that can cover the entire tooth, making it look perfectly. Again, going for porcelain crowns is the best option but you can us zirconia too. Zirconia is harder and better, it can resist more force. So if you have not stopped grinding your teeth together can help a lot.


For those patients that have lost their teeth to bruxism, they have salvation too. I suggest going for dental implants. With implants, you can have a new smile with new teeth. The technology is amazing and you can get it right away.  You must be thinking that it cost a fortune and you are right, but not in los Algodones Mexico. Down below I will explain to you how to save money in dental treatment.

How to save money in dental

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Finally I want to tell you about some things that are not so dental related. These can help you cope with stress and anxiety so you stop grinding your teeth. The first is to seek therapy, a professional will help you to ease your stress and anxiety. I went when I was younger and it certainly helped me a lot. I stopped grinding my teeth and I am able now to smile wide and proud.


Doing exercise regularly can also help with the cause. Doing sports or yoga can help to drain some of that stress. Also remember to eat healthy and take care of your body too. With a healthy body your mind can be healthy too. All of this can help you reduce the common causes of bruxism and your teeth in the end will be graceful to you. Hope this article helped you and I’ll see you next week. Cheers!