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Best cosmetic dentistry treatment to get in Los Algodones

Hello once again and welcome back friends. Today I want to show you the best cosmetic dentistry treatment available in Los Algodones. This is one of our most frequently asked questions. Many patients have different needs so there is no single treatment for all. This topic today can help some of you decide what the best procedure for your case is. Hope you enjoy it and let begin with the list!


But before we start I want to tell you that you can get all the treatment listed at our clinic. The prices are 50% less than the United State and Canada. That is right, affordable dental care in Mexico with just one click away. Making an appointment is really easy, use the contact form above and we will guide your through the whole process. You can also use the chat or the phone number, our services are FREE of cost.

Here in Los Algodones Dentists’ Guide we want  to help you guys get affordable dental care. And we are happy to say we have helped a lot of costumers get the smile of their dreams at a good price. We work only with the best clinic in town, ADA approved so you get the best quality. Do not be shy and ask for an estimate or quote for the treatment you are looking for. Now let’s begin with the list.


Top cosmetic dental treatments




This is at the top of the list because it is one of the most requested. Besides, its cost is low and it does not require much intervention. For patients who do not now, veneers are a thin mask that goes in front of your teeth. The dentist only need to work a bit on the front of the tooth and then use a special paste to glue the veneer on the tooth. That is it and you got a perfect smile. Celebrities go for this treatment to get that perfectly straight, white smile.


What we can suggest in this case is to always go for porcelain veneers. Other materials like acrylic are bad because they can break and stain easily. Porcelain on the other hand can resist the normal usage and you can clean it just like natural teeth. The look and feel it’s just like your teeth and that makes thing easier for the patient. We recommend it to get it at our clinic for that sweet deal and our lab will deliver in a short time.


Crowns and bridges


These are the next step of veneers. A crown or a bridge can also make your teeth look better. The difference here is that the tooth is completely wear so it can fit a cap on top. If your teeth are in bad shape this can change the game upside down. So as you can see there is a solution for everything. We suggest porcelain or zirconia for crowns as they are the best materials available. The can imitate the aesthetic and function just like natural teeth.


If you are in tight budget then porcelain fused with metal will do. You have to take in mind that the metallic lining underneath can give away other people that you are wearing crowns. Also you have to be careful because they can break if you apply too much force. Nonetheless, they are a excellent choice to repair your teeth.


Many of you may be wondering why we haven’t mentioned whitening. There is no better cosmetic procedure than the whitening if you teeth look stained. You can return the white to your teeth thanks to this treatment that you can only get at the dentist’s. There are many whitening procedures available but we suggest getting laser whitening. It is cheap, easy, quick and effective.


Now I want to address a question that I get a lot about whitening, which is about whitening at home. Those products can help to whiten your teeth, yes, but not forever. Others can cause side effects because of the chemicals they use. I always recommend you guys to go to a professional dentist, never try to fix things at home. The remedy can be worse than the disease and that is why it is always better to go to a dentist that knows what he or she is doing.


Dental implants

I love dental implants, and I am sure most of you love this treatment as well. I love it because it can return the smile to a patient that has lost all teeth. This eliminates the traditional dentures because they stay forever. A permanent solution for those patients who like to have teeth again to chew, talk and more. The best part is that there are different kinds of implant treatment. You can replace a single tooth or a get a full denture.


What it is important before you begin the treatment is the CT scan. It is a 3D x ray that can help the dentist see if you have enough bone to support the implant. In case you don’t then a bonegraft is needed. This can set back the procedure 6 months but it is worth it. In case you are interested in getting implant I suggest hitting us  up, we got the best implantologists in the business.


This leads me to recommend the Allon4 treatment because it is the best. 4 implants support a full denture. It is the most successful and sought after procedure in Los Algodones. It is not a surprise because of the low cost and effectiveness it offers. Patients can smile again thanks to this miracle of dentistry. Remember to contact us to receive prices and estimates for this treatment.


If you want more implants you can get allon6 or allon8, but it will depend on the consultation and evaluation at the clinic. Other patients prefer less implants, we can offer a Snap on denture that uses only 2 implants. As you can see you can get many types of cosmetic dentistry that can make your smile look really good again.