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What you are doing is bad for your teeth

Hi guys, are you ready for today’s article? Today I will show you some things you are doing wrong that are affecting your teeth. That is right, your teeth are suffering because you are doing things the wrong way. If you wish to learn how to stop it as soon as possible keep reading. We also have tons of articles dedicate to dental hygiene. I recommend reading them to learn more about how to take care of your smile.


I want to teach you how to be better, and have better teeth. This is really easy to do, but bad habits are hard to quit. One tip of advice I can give you is to be very patience and start slowly. You need to practice constancy and create good habits. It takes time, I am not going to lie you, but it’s worth it. Now without wasting more of your time, let’s begin with today’s topic.


These things are bad for your teeth

Not going to the dentist

This is the first thing most of you are surely doing wrong. Most of our patients refer that they do not go to the dentist regularly. They only go when they have a problem to attend. This is bad for your dental hygiene because you should avoid these situations by doing regular checkups and cleaning. If you did that, you would avoid most dental diseases. As for how often should you go, twice a year is more than enough.


I can already read some comments saying that they can take care of their teeth at home. That spending in dental is such a waste of money. Wrong, you cannot take care of your teeth alone at home because you do not have all the right tools. Besides, you do not have the knowledge to clean those hard areas to clean too. On the other had a dentist do have all of this and can ensure that your teeth will be clean.


This bring to my next point, patients argue that dental treatment is too expensive. And they are right if you live in the United State. You do not have to pay those high prices here in Mexico. Come to Los Algodones and save 50% in dental treatment thanks to our dentists. I will show you how to make an appointment below.

How to make an appointment with Los Algodones Dentist’s Guide


Making an appointment at our clinics is really simple. Just use the contact form above to send us a message. Fill it completely so we can get back with you with a quote or estimate. After that we can set your appointment. Take in mind that we work with the best dental clinics in town. We use previous costumers reviews to recommend the dental clinics we work with. That way we can help you get the best form both worlds, high quality dental and best prices available.


You can also use the phone above in business hours to call us or send an sms. Our patient coordinator will be more than glad to attend you and help you. You can ask us any questions you want about Los Algodnes. Where to eat, sleep, places to visit and more. Our job is to make your dental tourism as confortable, memorable and successful as possible. So do not be shy and contact us to say hi at least!


Drinking and smoking


These two are the worst habits ever for your teeth. Alcohol on one hand can stain your teeth, dry your mouth and weaken your teeth enamel. It is a really corrosive substance, s it is better for your dental hygiene to avoid it. I am not saying that you should quit entirely alcoholic beverage, that is your choice. But it is good that you take control and do not abuse its consumption. Also your liver can suffer a lot.


Now tobacco it’s really bad for your teeth. Tobacco causes the same effects described as before but worse. Cigarettes can destroy your teeth really quick if you smoke daily. What this means is that you should avoid this habit at whatever cost. Smoking can lead to several dental diseases such as gingivitis and tooth loss. Among most of my patients this is the most common cause of the bad state of their teeth.


Grinding teeth

This habit is really common in anxious and stressed patients. Most of them do it involuntarily, making it really hard to stop it. Grinding your teeth together or bruxism can be done even while you are sleeping. What I suggest is to get a mouth guard from your dentist to stop it on its tracks and avoid damaging your teeth.

Some effects from doing this is chipping, breaking and even losing a tooth or two. It can be really discouraging and affect your bite and jaw two. If you suffer from bruxism I suggest visiting a dentist soon. We can help you with that, so feel free to contact us to make your appointment for this week or next one.


Bad dental hygiene


This is a given as you should know by now you have to brush every day. Even so I receive so many patients that brush their teeth once a day or less. This is one of the worst habits as it creates the perfect environment for bacteria in your mouth. Germs too make a party that will ruin your smile, it is too anti hygienic, dangerous. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, every day so you can have a beautiful smile.


But that is not all, using dental floss after brushing is an important step too. If you do not floss chances are that food debris remains between your teeth. Get rid of it by flossing every time you brush. To finish thins up use antiseptic mouth wash to clean your mouth from germs and bacteria. I can guarantee this will leave your teeth healthy, beautiful and a very nice breath. This is all for today, hope you stop failing at your dental hygiene and see you next week.