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Crown vs Veneer, which one to choose?

Hello guys, welcome again to our awesome blog! Today I want to teach you guys about dental crown and veneer. I want to clear the doubt around them to help you decide which one is better for you. As I always say, the best dental treatment for any patients depends on his or her determined case. Some patient will click better with a different procedure than others. In this case let’s compare the two of them.

Let’s start with de crown. It is merely a cap made from different materials, usually porcelain, that goes on top of the tooth after it is built up by the dentist. On the other hand venees are simply a mask that goes on the front of the tooth, like adding another layer to it. As you can see, they do the same function but are different enough from one another.

Should I get a veneer or a crown?

To decide efficiently you must take into account your tooth’s state. If you want simply to improve it looks because you have a stained teeth or a little chip, then veneers are for you. Just take into account that porcelain is the best material and others like resin or the DIY kits, are not going to hold years to come. Crowns are better for broken teeth or after a root canal. As for prices crowns can be definitely cheaper but porcelain veneers are less invasive as a procedure than crowns.

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