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Best treatments for yellow teeth

Having White teeth is a sign of good dental care. Besides it looks more attractive and can boost your confidence ten times fold. That is why today we will recommend the best treatments for stained or yellow teeth. The reason that causes your teeth to stain can be due to a lack of dental hygiene, too much coffee and tobacco, or even alcohol. It does not matter what the cause is, your teeth will look as new!

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Regular cleaning for yellow teeth


One of the most effective treatments for stained teeth is a regular cleaning at the dentist. You should practice a good dental hygiene routine at home. But a dentist have all the tools to clean your teeth real good and make them shine. If the stain are not ingrained into the tteth that much, a simple cleaning will be enough.


Teeth whitening


Now we take it a step further. Teeth whitening at the dentist can remove any stain and make your teeth look alive again. The way it works is that the dentist applies a chemical into your teeth and then use laser to whiten the surface. This is simple and effective to whiten those annoying yellow teeth.


Dental crowns or veneers for yellow teeth


If all of the above does not work then your teeth need a build up to crown them or to place veneers. We suggest porcelain or zirconium as those material are sturdy and look amazing. Nobody will notice the difference between natural teeth and crowns of veneers.