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Why a dental implants treatment sometimes fail

Hello everybody! hope you are having a great day and are looking for a nice weekend. Today I want to share a very important topic. It is a question I get a lot from many patients that are interested in getting dental implants. They read a lot online or had the bad experience of failing the treatment. There is a lot to consider so let’s dive into it.

Reasons dental implant may fail

Dental implants can fail due to many factors. One decisive factor is the previous study, a CT Scan is really important to see if the patient has enough bone to support the implants. In case he or she does not, then a bonegraft is necessary before beginning the implants. If your clinic does not want to perform a CT Scan you have the right to suspect that they are not implantologist and the treatment is doomed to fail.


Is the studies are met, then you should look at your dentist’s CV. You want them to have plenty of experience and the place has all the right tools to do the work. In the end it is YOUR hard earned money on the line and the results affects your smile. This is a very important decision and you should care a lot on the person who is going to do the job.

Choosing the right clinic

Such things that you don’t have to worry if you choose us. We work with the best in town, dentists that are professional implantologists. You won’t find anybody better than us and you can schedule an appointment now!


Finally you should always listen and pay attention to the healing period. If your implant do not heal properly you will fail the treatment. Always lsten to your dentists instruction and contact them whenever you doubt or have a question. That is it for today, until next time!