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Why using toothpick ruin your teeth

Hello guys, welcome back again to our awesome blog. Recently I got a question by a patient about using toothpick to clean between the teeth. Today I will write about the reasons why you should avoid using this tool. The answer can surprise lots of you that use very often toothpicks after every meal or other reasons. Let’s jump right into it so we can learn about this together as always. Keep in mind these are recommendation by our team of dentists.


Here in Los Algodones Dentists’ Guide, we want our patient to have perfect teeth. That is why we dedicate effort and time to write in this blog. To improve your dental health and find affordable dental clinics in Mexico. Besides, remember we have the best deals for dental, but more on that later. For the now let’s see why you should avoid using toothpicks to clean between your teeth.


Reasons why using a toothpick is a mistake


It can cause injuries

The number one reasons I have to point out is that they do more harm than good to patients. Because they are so pointy, they can harm your gums and soft tissue. Also, if you are really rough with it you can even damage your teeth enamel. You are slowly destroying your mouth at this point and you are better using other items to clean between your teeth. I understand if you are away from home and it is the only way to clean between your teeth at that time.


Even so I suggest bringing a traveler’s bag with your dental hygiene items with you. Trust me, I have seen many teeth chipped, gums infection due to the wrong use of a little toothpick. Another reason I can mention is that leaving it in your mouth to long, especially between your teeth can also affect your bite, deforming it. It can cause your teeth to crowd together because of the force used to introduce the toothpick.


It is not as hygiene as you think


Speaking of which, using toothpicks can create bad hygiene too. This leads to a foul breath over time. If you join this bad habit with others bad habits like smoking and poor dental hygiene, your bad breath will be the worst. Many people ignore that wood tend to rot and can be filled with bacteria. The same goes for plastic, unless you clean it and disinfect before use, you are putting a lot of germs into your mouth.


This can lead to many dental diseases such as dental caries or gum infections such as gingivitis. Besides the wood used to make the toothpicks can contain chemicals that can be bad for our health if you leave it too long in your mouth. Also, it can stain your teeth pretty badly, like cigarettes and alcohol can do. As said before using toothpicks is fine, but if you use it every day it will bring many troubles to your dental health.


As you can see, there is little improvement for your dental health using toothpick. The downsides are just too bad that it can ruin your teeth permanently. That is why I always suggest sticking to the basics, simple dental hygiene with brushing, flossing and rinsing. That and going every 6 months to your dentist for regular cleaning and checkups. That way you will have a healthy beautiful smile and avoid many dental diseases, at least the most common ones.


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Replacing the toothpick


To clean between your teeth there a lot of items better than a toothpick for the job. The most common and effective is dental floss. This thread is harmless for your teeth and gums if used correctly. Remember that you only need a couple of inches and that you have to be gentle. You can find many on the market that also comes with flavor that improve your breath. I love minty and cinnamon flavors, personally they smell the best.


There are other flossing items that also do the job as fine as the regular dental floss. One tool I love using recently is the interdental toothbrush. It is a little tooth brush that fits perfectly between your teeth. Is very comfortable and useful if you have brackets, making it easy to reach those areas where a regular toothbrush can’t go. As a final suggestion, remember using these tools gently and always consult with your dentist if you have any doubt.


That is all for today, hope this topic helped you understand why toothpick are not that good for your dental health. Leave your suggestions for the next topic, and remember you can help other people save money in dental by sharing our website!