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If you see this, it’s time to see a dentist

Many patients fear dentists, and that is not good at all. Others simply are overconfident in their dental hygiene so they postpone their yearly appointment. I have heard many stories from patients that they go to the dentist every 5 years or so. I am really impressive this is pretty common because you should see one every 6 months for cleaning at least. The main reason I found is that they do not see enough reason to go.


Which brings my next question, what are the signs to see a dentist? That is why today I will make a brief list of clear signs. Signs that if you see them in your dental health, you should see a dentist as soon as possible if you haven’t gone in more than 6 months. Hope this serves you to improve your dental health and see a dentist more often. It is such a mistake to let your teeth be ruined by a simple mistake like not going to get cleaning.


Before I forget, I want to suggest you our content in this blog. We write weekly about dental hygiene and dental treatment. As one of the best websites to find affordable dental treatment in Los Algodones, Mexico we take our job seriously. We want to help everyone to get a beautiful smile, so sharing our blog online will help us a lot. Now let’s begin with today’s topic, the signs that will tell you need a visit to  a dental clinic.


If you see these signs, see a dentist


Yellow teeth


Yellow or stained teeth is a clear sign to see a dentist for cleaning and whitening. Teeth enamel get stained over time for a variety of reasons like habits and diet. It can be tartar accumulated in our teeth, or simple stains because too much coffee, sodas and candies. Whatever the reason, you should book and appointment with a dentist every 6 months to get cleaning. If you ignore this it will pretty hard to clean the stain and tartar of your teeth.


Keep in mind that using whitening kits at home do not solve this problem. Many DIY kits contains abrasive chemicals that can provide temporary solution but in the long run will ruin your teeth. Avoid this by going for a good cleaning at a dental office. A dentist is the only professional capable of cleaning off all the gunk and plaque form your teeth without compromising the rest of your dental health. Do not overestimate all the years of study and practice a dentist has undir his or her belt.


Bleeding gums


This is such a common scenario for many patients. They brush their teeth as they normally would, but suddenly they see lots of blood coming out. It occurs the same after flossing. The main reason this occurs if because food debris is stuck between the teeth and inside the gums. This causes the gums to be inflamed, which cause the bleeding. Another reason is that your gums are infected by gingivitis. Both problems can be avoided by flossing regularly.


Even so, it is not easy to and near impossible to perform a perfect dental clinic at home. It does not matter if you brush your teeth every day, as said above, only a dentist can leave your teeth as good as new. A deep cleaning and scaling will be necessary to stop the bleeding and start healing your gums. By the way, we count we the best dental clinic with up-to-date modern equipment for dental clinics in Los Algodones. Stay tune to learn how to book your appointment.


Bad breath


Usually, we are not self-conscious of our smell and breath. We learn we have trouble with this hen other people tell us. In rare occasions we perceive the foul smells ourselves, and if that is your case, you should see a dentist. Bad breath can be a sign of many dental diseases, not just gum infection as some patient believes. You have to take your health seriously as it can be the symptom of a much more dangerous disease.


One way to find out if the halitosis is due to dental reasons or not, is by a consultation at a dental office. Yealy regular checkups are also key to maintaining a good dental health. If you are interested in finding a FREE evaluation at Los Algodones by the best dentists in town, use our services. You will find the best dental clinics in town. The best part is that our services are FREE too and you will only pay for the dental treatment received at the clinic.


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That would be all for today. Remember that if you see these symptoms, do not doubt to let us now so you can save 50% and more in dental treatment. There is no problem we can solve and I am sure we can help you smile again. See you next week in the next entry, until them, leave questions and suggestions down in the comments below!