Los Algodones Dentists Guide

Designing your best smile in Los Algodones

It is no secret by now that you can save tons of money in Los Algodones. In case you were living under a rock, this picturesque Mexican town is home for more than 300 dental clinics. That is why thousands of people cross the border from the US every day to seek better prices in dental. This is what it causes the nickname `Molar City’ over years. Now let’s see how easy is to get a new smile in this town.


Let me introduce us in case it is your first time here, we are Los Algodones Dentists’ Guide. Our job is to help you find affordable dental in Los Algodones Mexico. The way we operate is that we compile a data base of all the best dental clinics in town. We use their price lists, dentists‘ CV, online reviews, and previous costumers experience. That way we can suggest a number of clinics that are ideal for your needs and budget.


That way you save tons of time doing research of every dental clinic in Los Algodones to find the best option for you. This can take you needlessly too long and even so, it does not guarantee the best service. We have helped tons of patients previously and we will be more than glad to help you too to get the smile you deserve. So, let’s see what tips to consider to decide for your dentist.

Tips to consider dental treatment in Los Algodones


There are many advantages from getting dental treatment in Los Algodones. The main attraction of course is t save money. You can get top quality dental treatment from the best dentists for half the price. This is due to lots of factors, like the cost of living in Mexico, the cost of providers, etc. Also due to the proximity with the United State, it becomes really easy to access the border and cross to the town,


In case you are wondering, Los Algodones is located 10 miles south west from Yuma, Arizona. This is like 15 minutes by car, it is a short ride to arrive here and have all the dentists at your disposal. Speaking of dentists, there are a huge portion of them that studied and graduated from tops universities in the world. We can help you find them and select them to receive your dental treatment.


Where to stay


In case you need accommodation, we can help you with that too. We have agreements with nearby hotels that are close to the top dental clinics and charge reasonable prices per night. Also, if you need with other services like medical, pharmacy, among others, we can help you with that too. Our patient coordinator will make sure your stance in town is as comfortable as possible. One thing most patients love about coming here is that it feels like a vacation rather than a trip to get dental.


I say this because there many things this town has to offer besides just affordable dental. You can find lots of activities to do and places to visit. If you are a foodie like me, you will love Mexican cuisine. There are many restaurants and bars that give more life to Los Algodones than expected. But let’s talk more about the dental services you can find.


What to expect at the dental office


As mentioned above, there are many kinds of dentists and dental clinics available here. I am glad to tell you that most of them offer great prices and their clinics are up to date and cozy.  Because both demand and offer are too high, the competition to get most patients is as latent as ever. You will find many clinics advertising themselves as the top dental clinic in Los Algodones.


One thing to consider is how modern and how stack is their staff. Also, good work from dental labs is also good to know to make sure you get top quality in dental crowns, veneers and other pieces. Another thing I make sure when looking for dental clinics is that they follow ADA standards. This is so important because it brings US standards to patients in Mexico. So, most of our patients feels like home when they come


How to schedule an appointment with Los Algodones Dentists’ GuideTeeth whitening


This is almost as easy as counting to 10, really is a piece of cake. To make an appointment, please let us now via the contact form or using the phone number above. It can be an SMS or a call and expect to be attended in business hours. You can ask as many questions as you like, like requesting an estimate for your dental needs. We will provide it with an email so you can have all the information at hand.


After that the ball is on your court and you have to let us know what date you would like to come visit for your appointment. Remember that you can request help with hotel so you will be at ease with your travel. Then you receive a confirmation email and that is it, you are welcome to Los Algodones to receive dental! You are ready to pack your bags and venture to Molar City.


One last recommendation I want to suggest is that you leave your car in the parking lot in the US side of the border. This is because it takes less time to cross the border walking than enter and leaving with your vehicle. The parking lot is safe and they do not charge that much as there are many people crossing the border every day.  A personal of ours will wait for you on the other side to take you to the clinic if requested. One last thing is to be wary of street hustlers that offer you to go to another dental clinic for a cheaper price, it might be a scam. We have heard horror stories from patients who fell for that tourist trap.