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How to get the best veneers in Mexico

Veneers are one of the most requested dental treatments in Mexico, especially in Los Algodones. The popularity this procedure is getting is insane. So, it is normal that patients ask us for the best prices for this treatment so they can achieve a beautiful smile. It is cheap, versatile and looks aesthetically pleasing, the triple threat. I want to help you all you guys that are interested in this to get the best price and quality.


There is no better feeling than saving money in something that you know is the best quality available. We all love to take advantages of good deals and offers and I will bring that to you. As you may know, you can find really good prices in dental in Los Algodones, Mexico. Also known as Molar City, where more than 300 dental clinics are at your disposal. But, how to pick the best one to get your teeth fixed and save money in the process?


How to find the best dentists in Mexico?

Dental Veneers

There are many guides and websites that tries to give you advice to curate and select your dental clinic. However, it is too much of a hassle and takes too much time. If you have never bee to Los Algodones, there is a huge chance that you will end up in the wrong dental clinic. I have heard so many horror stories about patients that ended with a bad dentist that charged a lot or gave a bad service. That is not the case for every dentist in Mexico, and I will teach you how to find them.


The first thing to do is to use Los Algodones Dentists’ Guide, which is this very website. Our job is to compile the best dentists in Los Algodones and help our patients to find them and arrive safely to the clinic. We use price lists, dentists’ CV, patients, online reviews and previous patients experience to select the best option for every budget. To request an estimate simple use the contact form above or give us a call. Another option is to send a SMS.


But this is not the end, we also help you find accommodation and other services in town. We have agreements with nearby hotels that are really comfortable. Also, we can help you find deals in pharmacies, restaurants, prescription meds, and more. So, if it is something that sounds really interesting and useful for you, get in touch so we can start setting your appointment. Now let’s see why you should go for dental veneers in Mexico.


Why pick veneers for dental cosmetic


The veneers are a cool dental treatment because how they work. They function as a mask that will cover the front of the tooth. For that to work as charm, it is important to know a few things earlier. The first thing is that the dentist has to wear down the front of the tooth so the veneers can fit perfectly. In order for the film to be fixed to the teeth, a special glue is used so you it can last you a long time. If you take good care of your veneers, it will last you up to 15 years!


Which brings me to my next point, the material you should pick. I have to start saying that you should stay away from acrylic. Is a material that get stained easily which makes it bad for a long-term solution. It also breaks easily. Picking the right material is what makes it last forever, look good and easy to maintain. That is why I always suggest to our patient to pick porcelain or zirconia for their dental cosmetics like crowns, dentures or veneers.


The reason why this material is always the best choice is because it imitates natural teeth almost perfectly. What I mean by this is that they look and feel as your natural teeth. The same goes for function, they are sturdy enough to endure usage. It would be so sad if you spend lots of money in veneers that breaks after a few weeks. To avoid that scenario, pick porcelain or zirconia, the best part is that you can get them for cheap at our dental clinics in Mexico.


How to take care of your veneers

The way you take care of your veneers is really easy. You need to treat them like you would your real teeth. Brush them 3 times every day, after every meal and do not forget mouthwash and dental floss. If you continue with a proper dental hygiene routine, your veneers will stay white as pearl. Another important factor is that you should still get yearly cleaning at the dentist. Otherwise, it will stain just like natural teeth, do not forget about that.


Other options besides dental veneers in Mexico


Dental veneers are amazing but maybe it is not for everyone. Luckily for you there are other options to flip your smile and look amazing. The next best thing is to use crowns, they are close in price and work really well for patient that wants to change the whole tooth. If you suffer form tooth loss, you can fill the gap with a bridge. This is why we sell a lot of this, most patient comes with many problem with their teeth and we find the perfect solution for them for an affordable price.


In case you wish for a more permanent solution then dental implants are for you. We work with the best dental clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico, they count with implantologist that studied abroad for the most up to date procedures like the All on 4. Do not miss the chance to get top quality dental treatment for half the price of US and Canada dental clinics. You wont regret it and you can check our reviews to see it for yourself.


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