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Why you should consider getting the All on 4

The All on 4 dental implant treatment is often asked by our patients. This is an popular procedure both in the States and Los Algodones because it is the ultimate dental implant procedure. But, did you know it gives the patient a permanent fixed denture? It can be a really nice option for patients that wants a reliable teeth replacement. It is a nice option to save money in dental if you come to Los Algodones.


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What’s the All on 4 exactly?

The All on 4 procedure consists in implanting 4 screws per jaw will support a full denture. This full denture is fixed permanently so you can forget about partial and traditional dentures. Thanks to modern dentistry advances, implants can be sturdy enough to support a full denture with enough screws. This is important as more implants add more weight to the jaw, being uncomfortable and dangerous in the long run for your health.


The process begins with the CT scan, which is used to see the patient’s jawbone. Enough bone will ensure the implants to be put in place safely. On the contrary, a bone graft is performed to fill the bone in the jaw if necessary. This will slow the treatment about 6 to 8 months, after the bone heals the implants can be put into place.


Placing the dental implants is a quick and painless process thanks to local anesthesia. Although patients can request IV sedation to be asleep while the implantologist do the work. After the procedure a temporary denture made for the healing period. The healing period can go about 6 months usually but it depends on each case.


After the healing period is done, the aptient come back for the permanent fixed denture finally. The denture can be made from porcelain, zirconia or acrylic. They look and feel will be just like natural teeth, look very real. After you are done take good care of your new denture by cleaning it daily just like real teeth.




Other options available besides the All on 4


In case you are in a tight budget, maybe a different treatment is better for you. If you still want dental implants then I suggest the Snap on Denture. This one use 2 implants to support at detachable denture. This may be a negative point of you are seeking a permanent solution for teeth loss, but it is quite effective. Besides you can adapt the implants in the future to get all on 4 eventually. Discuss with your dentist to know if you are eligible for that, though.


In the other hand, opter options are traditional dentures. You can get them in porcelain or acrylic to replace your missing teeth. Partial dentures are also a nice option if you want to replace some teeth. It will depend in your teeth state, but if you want the replace all teeth, the only options are implants and dentures.


I know it can be hard to get for some patient, as it is a costly treatment. Even so, you can save money if you come to Los Algodones, Mexico to our tops dental clinics.



Why the All on 4 may be the best choice


You can choose all on 4 if permanent fixed denture is what you are looking for. It uses only 4 implants per arch like mentioned in the begging. It is the best bang for your buck indeed and the denture cannot be taken on and off any time. This means that the patient does not have to deal with damaging and losing the denture.


They are easy to maintain too, as you only got to brush them like natural teeth. It also gives the patient an aesthetical pleasing look. The function will be intact too, you can eat, talk, even sing with your new set of teeth. The best part is that you can get awesome discounts by using Los Algodones Dentists’ Guide.


Get this dental treatment at Los Algodones to save moneyAll-on-4 technique

Getting allon4 in the United States is hard for many people. It can cost around $20,000 or so per jaw arch which is a sum of money not everybody can pay, almost $40,00 for a full mouth. However, you can get it at about half of the price with the same quality in Los Algodones, Mexico just 7 miles southwest from Yuma, Arizona.


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However, I want to make a disclaimer about cheaper dental implants in the States. Many dental clinics have been using cheap dental implants not suited for the all on 4 to compete with Los Algodones. This is dangerous as the treatment can fail easily endangering your health and wasting your money. We suggest making an appointment with our professional implantologists to get the best quality in dental.


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