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Why smoking is really bad for your teeth

Hello dear readers, today I have a short article about why smoking is bad for your teeth. It is common knowledge that this is a pretty bad habit for your dental health. I have met many patients that are heavy smokers and that encouraged me to write this. I want to help you quit cigarettes as I was a heavy smoker once too. I know what is like to crave for the next cigarette and see my teeth fading into yellow, not my greatest moment.


Luckily for you it does not matter the consequences of smoking as there are tons of dental treatment available to fix them. I say this because I want you to give you hope that every problem has a solution. The second reason is because we can help you get affordable dental treatment in Los Algodones, Mexico. You can save more than 50% of the cost in the United States and Canada. I will tell you more on that later, after listing best treatment to fix your teeth due to cigarettes.


Why smoking is dangerous for your teeth

This habit alone can leave you without teeth. There are many problems and diseases associated with smoking. First it leads to bad breath, stained teeth, but over time everything get worse. The more you smoke the worse it will be the results over time. Your gums suffer a lot and can recede, this leads to tooth loss. The enamel and dentin of the teeth will corrode and will wear down, your teeth will look black and disgusting.


This also create various problems like infections that can bring periodontitis to the table. It is easy to see the beginning signs as you will experience gingivitis and bleeding when brushing. Also, your teeth will start to look yellow. If you are seeing these signs in your life, it is early to stop smoking and see a dentist as soon as possible.


I do not want to pass out the chance to tell you about other health concerns caused by cigarettes. Cancer is the main one of them as smoking can cause it in various places. Throat cancer, lung cancer, togue cancer, you name it. As you can see, it is a dangerous habit that can lead you to your death, so it is never too late to quit smoking if you value your life.

How to fix the damage


Now let’s see some common dental treatment that you can get in Los Algodones thanks to our services that can fix the damage. The first I want to point out is the whitening as yellow teeth is the most common problem for smokers. Laser whitening is a great answer for stained teeth and can leave them just like new. Now if you have problem with teeth loss or worn-down teeth, then you will need cosmetic dentistry.


One treatment that it is really effective is dental crowns. But if your teeth are not good then it is better to extract it and opt for bridges or partial dentures. It will depend mostly on your preferences and budget, but there is something for everyone. For those more complicated cases then dental implants will be the best options for tooth replacement. I suggest the allon4 treatment to get a permanent fixed denture for a great price.


I always recommend you to speak this matter to your dentist so you can choose the best treatment for you. Our dentists will always strive to save your natural teeth and save you from unnecessary extraction, keep that in mind. Stay tune so you can learn how to make an appointment with us with the best dentists in Los Algodones, Mexico and save money in the process.

Quit smoking


Before I close this topic, I want to give you some advice to quit smoking. As I said before in the beginning, I was a heavy smoker for 15 years but decided to quit in my late 20s. this was because I started to see some bad signs in my teeth. My gums were receding, my teeth were yellow and my breath was a mess. Apart from this I did not want to have many health problems in the future, I want to be a healthy human being.

I did not quit it right away I made little steps and goals to achieve it in short term. Shortening the number of daily cigarettes helped along with a good diet and exercise. Therapy was also a huge help to eliminate anxiety and stress, both common reasons to smoke. There are also other products that can help this cause like nicotine patches and gums. The trick here is to replace smoking with healthier habits. One of them, for example is going to the dentist every 6 months for regular checkups and cleaning.


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