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Why dental veneers are the best option for chipped teeth

There exist plenty of options for repairing chipped teeth, the most popular one is fillings. Fillings now days come in resin, which is a good thing. One problem with fillings is that after extensive use and time it will fall off. Leaving the tooth cracked or chipped again. This can be a little bumming for those patients who wants a more permanent solution. That leaves us with the next treatment, dental crowns.

Crowns are an excellence choice to improve our smile’s look. But it presents with one problem, it is too invasive with a tooth with a simple chip or crack. In the in it is the patient’s decision, but what if I told you that there is a better choice? I present you the dental veneer, a little film that can be made from porcelain that will make your teeth look as good as new.

Choosing the right dental veneer

What I suggest doing first is finding a dentist capable and reliable to perform the procedure. We work with the best dentists in Los Algodones Mexico, so do not be afraid to ask us for a quote. We offer excellent prices and deals that will save you up to 70% in dental treatment. After you choose a dentist make sure you pick the right material for you veneers. Always go for porcelain and avoid resin or plastic because they tend to look hideous over time if they do not break after a year.

Porcelain veneers are the best for chipped teeth

The reason we choose porcelain is because that way they look as real as natural teeth. Besides, porcelain offer good resistance and sturdiness for chewing and biting. So you will get the best of both worlds, veneers that looks and functions as natural teeth. And the best part is that the procedure does not take that long. The dentists will only prepare the front part of the tooth to paste the veneer in front and voila! New teeth!