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How to teach dental hygiene to your children

We all know parenting is really hard. Raising a child is a beautiful experience but it has its ups and downs. Teaching your children to be hygienic can be troublesome for some parents. But do not despair, with the right techniques it can be easy as cake. If you want to teach your kids a good dental hygiene stay tune. We will share some tips so they can learn how to properly brush their teeth and more!

The first tip is to make yourself and example. You cannot expect that they brush their teeth if you do not do it as well. Children learn by imitation and that is why parents have to behave up to par. if your kids has older brothers or sister encourage them too so the little ones have more role models to follow.

One thing I used to do with my kids was to brush all together at the same time. That way I could show them how it is done and correct them if they brushed wrong. Another cute tip is to sing a little song while brushing. It wil make the moment a nice family memory that all of you will treasure while learning dental hygiene.

It is all part of a fun game

Last but not least you have to make dental hygiene look like a fun game. You can reward your kids with treats or activities that they like. Another point is to let them choose their own toothbrush and their own toothpaste at the pharmacy. This is perfect to motivate them to use these more often.

Apart from oral care at home you should take them to the dentist at least twice a year. If you want to save in dental, come to Los Algodones Mexico, we will help you to schedule an appointment with the best dentists in town, even ADA approved!