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Dental hygiene for Elder patients

Hi dear elder patients, how are you doing today? Hope you are ok and well and that you are having an excellent day. Today I want to write this article to all our elder readers in this blog. It is very important that they take care of their dental health since at that age there are more difficulties. We receive many elder patients’ a day and I want to help you guys with some advice about how to improve your dental health.


This can save a lot of time and money going to the dentist. The better you take your teeth, the less you will have to invest in dental treatment. Fixing teeth can be quite expensive, especially if you live in the United States. Dentists can charge you an arm and a leg, or even a kidney. Luckily for you, we can help you save money in dental treatment.


How to save money on dental treatment for elder patients?

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Dental hygiene tips for elder patients


Constancy is important


We assume that when you reach an advanced age you must have good dental hygiene. By this I mean I’m assuming you brush daily. This is important to maintain good dental health. The optimal amount for a good brushing routine is to do it at least twice a day. to maintain consistency you must remember that you cannot fail any day and brush daily.


In addition to this, complementing your dental hygiene routine with dental floss will do wonders. Most patients have health problems due to not cleaning between their teeth. Food that gets stuck there rots and causes many dental diseases. Some are caries, gingivitis and halitosis


All these diseases are very common in older patients in addition to tooth loss. A very important factor is the one we mentioned before, dental health. Another very good product for this is mouthwash. Use it at the end of your cleaning routine to kill bacteria and germs.


Clean your tools well


Part of good dental hygiene is cleaning your environment. You can’t claim to have clean teeth if you don’t clean your toothbrush. For this I recommend boiling it in water for a minute after use. In the same way, you should dry it afterwards and store it in a dry place so that it does not accumulate bacteria. A case for your toothbrush is a good idea to keep it in a safe place.


Similarly, changing your toothbrush every 2-3 months also helps maintain good dental health. Over time the bristles of your brush open up and you won’t be able to brush well. Besides, they can accumulate enough germs and bacteria that make it an unhygienic tool. Before that happens, you should buy a new brush.


While we’re on the subject of cleaning your utensils, clean your dentures. If you wear plates, or any dental treatment to replace your teeth, clean them just as regularly. The fact that they are not your natural teeth does not relieve you of the responsibility of keeping them clean. Just like natural teeth, they also collect dirt that brings bacteria and germs to the mouth.

Finally try to keep your bathroom clean or the place where you brush your teeth. This place should be sacred and must be completely clean. Bacteria love moisture and that’s why patients tend to get mouth disease in the bathroom. Avoid leaving your brush outside wet so leave everything clean and dry. Your brush can be stored in a drawer or in a case as we mentioned before.


Eat Healthier if you are an elder patients


Your diet also has an impact on your dental. When you reach an advanced age there are foods that you should avoid. Some of them are sugar, fats and artificial colorant. All of them weaken your teeth and stain them. If you don’t have good dental hygiene, it will quickly destroy your teeth.


Eat healthier, especially calcium. This will help your teeth stay healthy and strong. One way to get calcium is by consuming dairy products such as milk. My parents drink at least 1 glass of milk a day to get enough calcium for their teeth.


The same advice also applies to kicking bad habits. We talk about tobacco and alcohol. These are two very bad habits that predominate in our older patients. It may be difficult to give them up, but at least try to reduce consumption. They not only damage your teeth but also your health in general. They bring with them many consequences such as cirrhosis and cancer.


Finally, the best dental hygiene tip I can give you is to go to the dentist at least twice a year. But as we mentioned before, you can count on us to keep your teeth as healthy as possible.