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How to take care of your gums

Taking care of your precious gums is just as important as taking care of your teeth. Many of our patients only focus on their teeth and that is a mistake. Ignoring other parts of your mouth will create chances for dental diseases to appear. If you want to avoid them then keep reading to learn how you can be taking care of them easily.


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The first thing you need to do for a good dental hygiene to keep everything clean. Practicing a good dental hygiene is the important to avoid dental diseases. I am going to teach you how it should look like so you can begin to apply it in your everyday life. This routine should not take more than 3 minutes and you should do it 2 times a da. This is very effective after every meal as you will get rid of most of the food debris.

Cleaning your gums at home

Begin by brushing your teeth the right way. This can be achieved by using a soft bristle toothbrush to avoid damaging your tooth enamel and gums. Using a hard bristle toothbrush or medium can cut your soft tissue and wear down the enamel. The correct technique to brush your teeth is using slow and gentle strokes. Also hard bristles can cut your gums if you are not careful enough.


Begin with vertical and end with horizontal and circular strokes. Now, here is the trick, do not brush just at your teeth. You have to include every part of your mouth, including, gums, tongue, ceiling and cheeks. After you are done, use dental floss to specifically clean between your teeth. This is also the secret for healthy gums, as this is where most food debris gets stuck. If leaved it there it will rot and infect your gums.


Close things up by rinsing with antiseptic mouth wash. This will help to kill remaining bacteria and germs in your mouth. Great way to reducing the chances of getting gum infections. Also, do not forget to avoid nasty habits such as smoking and alcohol. What you eat and put in your mouth also has an impact in your dental health. I suggest avoiding these and opting for a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables too.

Brushing your teeth is not enough

However there are so much more you can do to keep your gums in good shape and avoid dental diseases like gingivitis. You will be surprised to know that this disease is present in many Americans. Many patients come over from the United States and Canada to solve this problem. That is why getting cleaning and checkups twice a year help to avoid it. It does not matter how much you brush, you need a professional cleaning to avoid diseases as mentioned before.


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Why cleaning your gums is so important?


We have talked about how to take care of your gums but let’s remember why it is so important. As we told you above gums can get infected easily if you are unhygienic. This can cause gingivitis and you can tell easily the symptoms. Your soft tissue will look red, it will hurt and bleed when brushing. These are some of the signs that tell you got the disease and need to act as soon as possible. Symptoms will get worse if you don´t see a dentist soon.


Your gums will start to recede and it will have a bad odor. This lead to periodontitis which affects the bone. In this stage there is little you can do and you can lose some of your teeth. This is only the beginning as there are many consequences due to bad dental hygiene. However there are many dental treatments available to fix these problems. But you can save lots of money if you act sooner to avoid spending in expensive treatments.

How to have perfect white teeth

If you have gingivitis then a deep cleaning and scaling will help you solve your problem. This is a process that will need a couple of sessions and visits. It will get rid of the infected tissue so you can start healing. Then it is a matter of patience and trusting your dentist. In case you lost a tooth or two, they can be easily replaced. There are many treatments available like bridges, dentures, partials and even dental implants.

Back to the basics


That is all for today dear readers, hope you enjoy it a lot. Remember sticking with the basics and clean your mouth every day. Create good habits for your teeth and visit your dentist every six months for checkup and cleaning like we stated above. If you need a good price for top quality dental do not forget to schedule your appointment with us and see you next week with a new article!