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How to fix a bad smile

Every smile is beautiful, however they need love and attention. It does not matter what problem you may have with your teeth, it can be fixed. That is why today I want to tell you about some methods you can do to fix your smile. You will get the smile of your dreams, and be able to look great every time you show your teeth.


I know how self-conscious you can feel with a bad smile. It is such a bad feeling and I have been there myself. When I was younger my teeth looked awful, I had to use orthodontics for a couple of years. Even in my adulthood I good some chips and stained teeth. However it was not the end of the world, every problem I had was fixed thanks to good dental hygiene and dentists.


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Bad smile due to yellow teeth


This is the most common problem I see with my patients. They have a bad smile because the color of their teeth is yellow or darker than normal. This discoloration can be due to bad hygiene or some dental diseases. It does not matter in the end because it can be easily fixed. You just need to practice a good dental hygiene at home and go to the dentist.

A good dental hygiene should look like brushing your teeth at least 3 times a day followed by dental floss and mouthwash. If you do this every day it should not take that long to have better teeth. Take in mind that what we eat and drink also affects our teeth, coffee, alcohol, sugar and cigarettes stain our teeth easily. Stay away from them if you wish a white smile.


Now if you wish to get rid of a bad smile forever you need to see a dentist. Regular checkup and getting cleaning and whitening will solve your stained teeth problem. We cannot do it at home, not even with does DIY kits you see advertised in TV and Internet. They just don’t work as good as a professional cleaning or whitening.




Turn your bad smile around with dental treatment


Another common problem I see in patients is chipped or missing teeth. This is not something we can fix at home at all. This is a job for a dentist, they have the knowledge and tools to be able to fix your smile.  Depending on your case you will need a specific dental treatment. There are many options on the table, but you have to consider what is the problem and your budget.


For chipped teeth you can use veneers or crowns. Either of those can turn your bad smile around by covering the breakage. If the chip is not too big a composite resin filling can also do the job just fine. It is important that you consult with your dentist to discuss what the best option for you is. That way you will save money and time by choosing the perfect treatment for your case.

When we talk about missing teeth then you need a bridge, dentures, partial or dental implants. The treatment will depend mostly on the number of missing teeth and you budget. There is no better option than the rest, except for dental implants. This is because implants will replace your teeth forever, the other option are detachable and such.


As mentioned above I recommend to study your options well before making a decision. This is important so you end up satisfied with your choice. In case of crooked teeth, orthodontics is the only answer. However you can get Invisaling as they are invisible and you won’t worry about looking at the wires when you smile.



Saving money in dental


We have mentioned tons of dental treatment and you must be thinking that it may be too expensive. It will be if you get the treatment in the United State, but in Mexico you will save 50% or more in dental treatment. You can find the best dental clinics in Los Algodones Mexico using our website. You can use the contact form or the phone number to get prices.


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Homework to get rid of a bad smile


To recap a bit, take care of your teeth at home. Brush your teeth daily, eat right and stay away from bad habits. There are many patients that break their teeth biting in to ice and hard candy, so take that in mind. Remember to always schedule and appointment with the dentists every 6 months to keep a good dental hygiene. do not underestimate checkups and cleaning, they are a must in dental health.


That is al for today, folks. Hope you enjoyed this article and learned a lot. Leave comments with suggestions below, we love to read you guys. I like knowing what you think about our content and what would you like to read next. Take good care and see you next week in the next one, Cheers!