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Veneers: What You Need To Know

Veneers are a quick go-to procedure for people with tooth stains, chips and fissures. If you are looking for repairing or want an overall gorgeous smile, this procedure does it for you with ease.


What are veneers?

First off, veneers are a very thin, custom-made layer designed to fit in front of your teeth. They are usually made of porcelain and fit just like fake fingernails, and stay for years!

Veneers will not only improve the shape and color of your teeth, they can also help with the position of them. Either if you have a single discolored tooth, or crack; veneers will do the job famously.

If you have discolored, worn down, broken, misaligned or too much of a gap on your teeth, you should consider getting veneers! They will treat these mouth issues right up.


How is the procedure like?

Before we tackle the procedure as such, there are some things we ought to know. First, there are veneers that require some preparation in order to be fitted onto your fix. These require for your dentist to work on your teeth before applying anything to them.

There are also veneers that do not require any preparation at all. It all depends on the patient, as every mouth is different. Position of the teeth, gaps, and so much more takes into account.

It takes a minimum of two visits in order to get a pearly white smile with the veneers. Usually we can divide the procedure in three steps:



The first visit you give your dentist, you will tell them about what you want to achieve. As such, the dentist will tell you all about veneers and what you can and should not do with them. If things go smoothly, you may begin the preparation in this same appointment.



A small part of your tooth enamel will be removed for the tooth or teeth that require a veneer. It is a very small layer of about half a millimeter in order for them to fit perfectly. After this preparation, a mould/impression of the teeth is taken to have an accurate idea of how the veneers will be made. Also, the shade color of the surrounding teeth will be taken in order to make the veneer look completely natural.

A local anesthetic may be used to ease up any discomfort but generally it is not needed.



After the impression is taken, it takes the laboratory about 2 to 4 weeks to prepare the custom-made veneers. Then on your second appointment, the veneer is put into place with a strong and special adhesive. If you feel some discomfort you are more than welcome to tell your dentist. After the veneer is fitted, it is possible to only make some slight adjustments to it.


Maintenance and care

Veneers are not unbreakable, as such you must be very careful not to exert unnecessary pressure on them. Things like opening bottle caps and tearing off tape with your teeth must be avoided. Pretty bad dental habits!

Remember that you still need to brush and floss daily like they were regular teeth! Dentists in Los Algodones recommend you not to use any type of abrasives on them, it could harm the veneer.

Also, if you frequent coffee, tea, soda, or any type of food known to stain your teeth, it is best that you limit them if possible as well as take the proper measure to deal with it. Veneers can stain just like normal teeth.

Veneers usually last for many years, and as much as we would love to tell you how many, it should be consulted with your dentist. Typically they will tell you all about them and how often you should get a checkup.

If you are interested in getting this procedure or more, you are more than welcome to contact us to get in touch with the best dentists in Los Algodones. Not only will it be cheaper, they are also fluent in English and most of them completed their studies in the States!