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Dental Visits: Phobia And Anxiety

A lot of people suffer from dentist anxiety just from thinking about dental visits alone.  Either due bad previous experiences or just the fear of everything going wrong, it is all understandable!

We wish to let you know that it is okay; after all, a patient’s comfort is important. So feeling a bit of fear and/or anxiety is good, it prepares us all for the unknown. Besides, you will be in the care of a professional, they know what they are doing, especially here in Los Algodones.

We will give you a hindsight of how things play out in a visit as well as some handy tips. There will not be anything to stop you with the help of this article, so be ready to shake off those uneasy feelings!


Dental phobia or dental anxiety during visits

It is important to address that this is truly an issue. People with phobia or anxiety to dentists or dental visits are much more prone to develop problems later on. This more evident if the oral habits are lacking.

We want you to know that dentists are not scary people. Sure, they handle tools and such, but they are for you to get a healthy, bright smile!

With the help of the dental visits, you will be a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Professional cleaning of your teeth, so they are plaque and tartar free.
  • A full examination of your mouth to ensure it is healthy.
  • A history of how your mouth changes throughout the years.
  • Comments and tips from a professional regarding what you need.

Just remember that there is no need to feel tense or uneasy. Dentists are people, too!


Common tasks inside the office

There are a couple of things that you can expect when visiting your dentist for a check-up.

  • You will be getting your teeth thoughtfully cleaned. This is almost a staple for every dental visit. The dentist will scrape and remove all the plaque and tartar that has been building up on your teeth and gums. This is done with special tools and will help you greatly in avoiding cavities, gum disease, bad breath and more!
  • Your dentist will perform a full examination of your teeth and mouth. They will take a very close look to check that everything is in order. Anything that gives a sign or if they spot anything, they will tell you. These examinations are the main reason people avoid getting further complications, because they are spotted very early on.
  • If it is your first time, or it has been quite a while, then it is likely you will get an X-ray. X-rays help a great deal in checking that everything is as it should be, the jaw bones, teeth, tumors, etc. With their help, your dentist will have a good picture of what would otherwise remain unseen.

It is worth mentioning that the radiation itself is very, very small. To put it simply, it is no more than what you would get from a day spent outside. Of course, getting an X-ray can depend on many things such as age and situation; for example, pregnant women would not get an X-ray due their baby.


Remember that you can get in contact with us at any time in order to get in touch with dentists in Los Algodones. Not only will you be in good care, but they are fluent in English as well.