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Tobacco: Effects, Risks And Quitting

It is a well known fact that smoking tobacco does no good to your oral health overall. And just to raise awareness about it, we are going to be discussing some of the complications it brings.

If you are a smoker, and are shy to pay a visit to the dentist out of embarrassment of being told that it is a bad habit, you do not need worry. As our dentists from Los Algodones have mentioned, they also hate to scold patients, as they wish for them to have a bright smile.

There are different types of tobacco products out there: cigarettes, tobacco and chewing tobacco (smokeless) are the most seen ones. And although some are more harmful that others, you are still being exposed to nicotine. Independently if you are a smoker or not, brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist is of utmost impostance.

And now, we shall jump onto the things that tobacco use brings to your oral health, which are not pretty at all. But even so, knowledge is knowledge!

Effects and risks of tobacco

The effects that tobacco use has on your teeth and gums is huge. Not only will brushing twice a day not be enough, most people do not stop until the worst comes.

Among the things you can suffer by smoking or chewing tobacco, there is:

Bad breath or halitosis. The smoke from the tobacco as well as its chewing counterpart stick to your mouth and teeth. This in turn leads to having bad breath to the user as well as tobacco residues that result harmful to their oral health.

Gum disease, gingivitis or periodontal disease. It has been proven that the use of tobacco and cigarettes lead to smaller blood vessels in the gums. This can give the impression that the gums are healthy. Also the gums start to deepen and have pockets in them for plaque and tartar to accumulate.

Makes further treatments less likely to succeed. Since the gum tissue is being harmed so much, it renders difficult for dental procedures to succeed. This is also due the tobacco hindering the gum’s ability to heal, making it slower.

Other effects

Tooth decay. The smokes not only stain the teeth, but also make bacteria and food stick far easier. The damage is performed both outside and inside the tooth in the long run.

Oral cancer. There are a variety of cancers that affect the mouth, tongue, throat, and many more. If there are white or red patches in the mouth, that could be a sign of it.

Quitting for good

We know that quitting is a difficult, stressing experience. But you are not alone in this. If you truly want to quit, you can absolutely overcome it. You only require the will.

We recommend seeking support from loved ones and friends. There is no replacement to conditional and emotional support towards a goal that we want to make.

Also, find something to distract yourself with. Let it be a movie, games, work, food, or even healthy dental habits like brushing. Keeping a mouth fresh would give you the idea of keeping it that way. Sort of like dirtying a freshly cleaned floor! As such, we whole heartedly recommend a good oral hygiene!

You will find that there are actually toothpastes and mouthwashes specifically designed for smokers. You can find them at very cheap prices in Los Algodones pharmacies.

And most importantly, consult a dentist and do not skip the check-ups. We are certain that you will not be the first patient to approach them for help. As professionals, and very experienced ones, they will glady to help you in many, many different ways.

The first step is always the hardest, but once you start going, there is no stopping!