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Most Common Mouth Issues

Greetings, beautiful people. Today I shall talk about the most common mouth issues present in people. Either if you are interested in knowing more or in getting to the bottom of what troubles you, then you are in the right place! After reading this article, you should have a good idea of what the most common mouth issues are about and what causes them.

We will go over general things such as halitosis, cavities, teeth grinding, gum disease and more!

Common mouth diseases

Bad breath

This is also called halitosis. And if you suffer from persistent bad breath, you are not alone! Really, one of the most common mouth issues there is.

Bad breath is usually caused by something else, such as but not limited to: cavities, dry mouth, gum disease. You can always mask the smell with a mouthwash, but that will not get rid of it.

Also, take into account that about 8 out of 10 people with bad breath have a dental condition that causes them.


Gum disease

Gum disease is the second stage of what we know as gingivitis.Gingivitis as well as gum disease have the same symptoms: swollen gums, bleeding of them. If left untreated it can lead to tooth loss.

As for what causes it, it is the bacteria that lives in our mouths. The bacteria eats and decomposes the food debris left after eating, which turns gets turn into acid that harms our gums. This also produces plaque!


Cavities are also known as tooth decay. It is caused by the bacteria that eats the food remnants and dishes out acid on our precious little teeth. It is very difficult to find any symptoms before it is already too late, as when we realize that it has reached deep, it is when it starts hurting.

Professional cleaning is highly advised. Not only will your dentist clean the area, you can also get a tooth filling that will make it look and work like a normal tooth.

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Chipped tooth

Either if you fell or received any kind of trauma, a tooth might chip or break. It is of utmost importance that you visit a dentist right away, as it can get serious. Depending on the severity of the case you might:

  • Experience bleeding. We recommend using a piece of cotton or cloth to stop the bleeding.
  • You might not feel the pain right away. Take a pain reliever just in case, there are many nerves inside a tooth. It will hurt.

We also advise to apply an icepack in the area, not the tooth, to numb it. If the icepack comes in contact with the tooth, you will end up hurting more than before because it is a sensitive area.

Sensitive teeth

If your teeth suffer often whenever you ingest hot and cold foods and drinks alike, then it is most likely a case of sensitive teeth. But fret not, there are many ways to treat this as it is a fairly mouth issue.

Tooth sensitivity is generally caused by nerve damage. It could be due an eroded and/or damaged tooth enamel, or due cracks and fractures on the teeth themselves.

Remember to tell and consult with your dentist regarding tooth sensitivity as well as what to do in order to tackle it. You are more than welcome to contact us in order to get in touch with the best dentists in Los Algodones, at very, very cheap prices, too.

Dry mouth

It is okay to have a dry mouth at times, but if it is most of the time, then it is time to do something about it. The saliva works as a cleansing factor inside our mouths, it slows down and also traps bacteria. This means that if your saliva production is low, you are more prone to suffer from gum disease, cavities and the like.

The causes for dry mouth are very varied and could be due many things. Things such like medications as well as some health conditions, as well as using an inhaler. In the later case, since we recommend rinsing your mouth with water to avoid further complications after using the inhaler.

Teeth grinding

Also called Bruxism. The act of teeth grinding refers to clenching or grinding them together. It is a pretty common mouth issue as more than 30 million people in the States suffer from it. Bruxism can happen during the day but it is most likely that to be done as you sleep, too.

The usual causes for people to develop bruxism is not limited to one thing. Certain diseases as well as disorders prompt the person to clench their teeth together. There is also anxiety, stress, anger issues, smoking, depression, sleep disorders and more.

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