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The best diet for healthier teeth

Hellos guys, hope you are having a very nice weekend. As you should know by now, what you eat can make you have healthier teeth. It is a fact that our diet has a huge impact on our dental hygiene and dental health. That is why today I bring you the best diet for a beautiful white smile. If you like these articles do not forget to share it with friends and family.


Speaking of article you can find here tons of dental articles. Everything from dental hygiene to complicated dental treatments, we got you. It is funs and useful to know more about dental because that way we can improve our dental hygiene. Let us know in the comments what you favorite article is and what other topics you would like to read as well.


Best diet for healthier teeth

I am going to divide each section among different meals. This will help you to see where you are making mistakes in your diet. If you wish to have healthier teeth then you should pay close attention to our tips. Apply them as you see fit and do not forget to practice a good dental hygiene routine. If we missed something, let us know as well in the comments below.


A good Breakfast

You want to have a good healthy breakfast. It is nice to have cereal with milk along with fruits. Eggs and bacon also helps to get all the nutrients necessary for a healthy smile. Milk specially helps a lot to get a healthier smile, so having a glass in the morning will do your teeth good. What you want is a balanced diet with every food group you can. If you can incorporate fruits into the mix it will be perfect.


However you must avoid sugary food like pancakes, donuts along with coffee. They can stain your teeth badly and that is what we want to avoid. A cup of coffee a day is more than enough, more than that and you will have yellow teeth in the blink of an eye. Remember that the key word here is balance and moderation

Healthier teeth with Lunch

For lunch we are going to follow the same rules as above. Seek to have a lunch with every food group present. You want protein, carbs and vegetables. If you could drink natural juices instead of soft drinks, you will help your dental health. Be wary of tomato sauces as it can stain your teeth, the same goes with oil, you want to avoid greasy food.


Eating burgers, pizza and other tasty meals is nice and all, but do not abuse it. As I have been saying in this article the best for your dental hygiene is to have equilibrium.  You can have healthier teeth eating these tasty treats once in a while along with a good dental hygiene and visiting your dentist. What you do not want is to abuse junk food and ruin your smile.

The best Dinner


At this stage you should know what to eat. As long as you follow our recommendation you should be golden. The only thing I can add is that you should be cautious with alcohol. At night is when we tend to have a drink and you should respect it. Lots of alcohol can also affect your teeth. Wine for example, tend to stain teeth pretty quick.


Are there snacks for healthier teeth?


Snacks are an important part of my diet because I love to eat sweets. The thing is that sugar does so much damage to our teeth. Along with that, many sweets have artificial colorant that stains our teeth really bad. This is the perfect formula to fail at having a healthier smile. However, you do not have to quit eating delicious delights. The important thing to keep in mind to take care of your teeth is to moderate yourself.


Even so if you wish to improve your dental hygiene you can opt for fruits. They are rich in water and help to clean your teeth. Some of the best fruits for the job are apple and pears. If you choose to not eat any sweets because you are on a strict diet then sugarless gum is for you. It satisfies those crave for a snack but do not ruin your teeth thanks to no sugar present in it.


Dental hygiene for healthier teeth

Having a good diet is just one step for a healthier smile. Along with this you have to maintain a good dental hygiene. Allow me to teach you how it should look like having a good dental hygiene routine. You want to start by brushing your teeth after every meal. Then you want to use dental floss to clean between your teeth. Food debris can seriously ruin your teeth by rotting and infecting your gums. Other thing it can to is to cause cavities in your teeth.


After you are done use mouth wash to rinse everything away. Do not use water as you will undo everything the toothpaste can do for your teeth. You should be doing this ritual 3 times a day at least so your teeth do not stain and avoid dental diseases. Now the final piece of the puzzle is to visit your dentist twice a year for checkup and cleaning.


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