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Top bad habits you must avoid right now

Hello dear readers, in today’s article I will tell you about the top bad habits you must not do to your teeth. Many patients that come to the clinic have crazy stories about how their teeth were ruined. I want to share some of their experience to teach you guys how you can avoid their bad habits. It is impressive how common these mistakes are.

That is why we will discuss some bad habits that can make you lose your teeth. So if you make them, be better and try to quit as soon as you can. It can ruin not only your teeth, but your health and your life. The sooner you adopt better habits, you can reach a good smile and better health. Any questions you may have you can leave it in the comments down below or write us at our email.


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Not visiting a dentist for dental treatment

This is the worst thing you can do for your teeth. Scheduling an appointment for checkup and cleaning twice a year can make a impact in your dental health. It will avoid most dental diseases and improve your dental health. Going to the dentists in the United State can be very expensive but I can help you with that by offering you a FREE appointment for consultation at our clinic.


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To make an appointment simple use the contact form above to get a FREE quote. Then you will receive an email with prices for your dental treatment. Afterwards you can schedule your appointment. We will help you every step of the way, including if you need to find accommodation in Los Algodones. You can also make your appointment calling us to the phone number above or using the chat box below at business hours.


Eating too much sugar is a bad habit

Sugar is really addictive but it does so much damage to your teeth. I am not asking to quit sugar entirely but you have to moderate it’s ingest. Moderation is the key to good dental hygiene. Try to reduce sugar consumption to avoid its effects. That way you will suffer less from dental caries, plaque, gum disease and foul breath.

Drinking Alcohol is the worst habit for your teeth


Most of our previous patients drink alcohol, some more than others. It can be relaxing a drink now and then, but in excess is really bad for your teeth. Alcohol stains your teeth and affects your gums too. It also has a bad effect in your breath because of the alcohol in your blood. Besides, it brings many health problems to your liver and body overall. Same as sugar, moderate alcoholic drinks in your life to improve your dental health.


Smoking cigarettes, a bad habit that needs to stop


This is a serious topic in this article, as many of you smoke. Putting alcohol aside, which can ruin your teeth in excess, you have to avoid drugs. Tobacco in one hand can ruin your teeth real easily, it destroys them. It will decay your teeth, staining them, wearing then down and rotting your gums. And I am not even mentioning the effects on your lungs, mouth and throat, being the most common cause of cancer.


Cigarettes are bad for your health but I am noticing other drugs used too. Meth, cocaine and heroin, are some of the most frequently used drugs in the US. They have one thing in common, they cut the blood flow in your body. This occurs especially in your mouth, killing all tissue and affecting your bone structure. This means that you can lose bone form your jaw and teeth by using these drugs. I suggest seeking help if you cannot quit drugs by yourself.

Best habits for your teeth to improve their health

Even so, everything has a solution, especially when it comes for teeth. There are many treatments to fix a broken smile. Below I will leave some tips on how to improve your dental health. They are simple suggestion you can begin to apply today. Just be sure to be constant and not to lose sight of the goal: a beautiful set of teeth.


Improve your dental hygiene


You cannot have a good dental hygiene without a good routine. You have to start by brushing your teeth at least 3 times a day. Next is to use dental floss to clean between them to get rid of food debris stuck. Finish things up with rinsing with mouth wash. Doing these 3 times a day will put you in the path of a healthy smile.


Remember to be gentle and careful when using dental floss and brushing. You do not want to strip your teeth from the enamel or cut your gums. Use slow and gentle stokes to clean your teeth and use just a couple of dental floss. You do not need to waste yards of floss every time you use it.


Eating better


You are what you eat so be consider your diet too. Opt for more vegetables and fruits, avoiding fats and junk food. Drinking water is especially good for your dental hygiene. Staying well hydrated can bring your dental health to the top. It will make your teeth stay cleaner, soft tissue healthy and a nice breath. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water of water a day.