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A briefing on popular dental treatments

Hello my friends, hope you are starting this year with the right foot. I want to start strong this blog by listing some of the most popular dental treatments in Los Algodones. You will read a in depth description about them and how to get the best price in town. Remember that if you have any question you can email us or fill ... More

Start 2021 with a white smile!

2020 Was a rough year for all of us, but I am sure next one will be better. Especially if we talk about dental treatment. That is why I will recommend you today some tips to begin the year towards a white smile. Keep reading if it sounds interesting and do not forget that we have tons of articles dedicated to dental in Los ... More

do I need teeth whitening or cleaning?

Hello readers! Welcome to another interesting topic. Today I want to help those patients who have stained teeth and are unsure if they need a cleaning, teeth whitening or both. It is not a stupid question at all and in fact, it will make you smarter when making your appointment. Everyone wants a perfect white smile but does not ... More

How to choose the proper dental treatment for you

Hello guys. Today I am gonna help all of you who wonder this. It is a question I get a lot from patients who are considering coming to Los Algodones for dental treatment. They ask how to know what exactly they need in order to bring enough money for their treatment. The answer is really easy, and that is why today’s article ... More

Top reasons to go for dental veneers

Dental veneers are one of the hottest dental treatments at the moment in Los Algodones Mexico. They are an incredible attractive investment because they can make your smile look beautiful at a low cost. Many patients come to our clinic asking about this wonderful treatment so let’s review the top reasons why to get them. ... More

Most requested dental treatments by patients

Here at Los Algodones Dentists Guide attend hundreds of patients who seek dental treatment in Los Algodones Mexico. We try to give them the best prices and clinics that work in town. As you would imagine, we receive inquire about tons of different dental procedures. That is why today I want to address the most common ones so ... More

Find the best dental bridge in Los Algodones

Dental bridge is one treatment that makes your smile beautiful again. It makes your teeth look better and cover missing teeth. Is one of the most requested treatments in Los Algodones Mexico and today I will cover how to find the best deal available. It won’t take too long and I will teach you other things as well. So stay ... More

How to choose the best dental crowns

Dental crowns has become one of the top choices for patient to change the way their teeth look. It can become a savior for repairing them or just an aesthetic fix. Their value has gone up because they are easy to get. Here in Los Algodones, they have become one of the most requested treatments along dental implants. That is why ... More

How to avoid chipped teeth

Hello guys, welcome once again to this awesome dental blog. Chipped teeth are one of the most common consult patient ask us. How to avoid it and how to treat it. today I want to share some useful tips on how to deal with chipped tooth. So buckle up and take notes, because we are in for a knowledge drive! It does not matter ... More

Best treatments for yellow teeth

Having White teeth is a sign of good dental care. Besides it looks more attractive and can boost your confidence ten times fold. That is why today we will recommend the best treatments for stained or yellow teeth. The reason that causes your teeth to stain can be due to a lack of dental hygiene, too much coffee and tobacco, or ... More