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Why you should be cautius about gingivitis

Gingivitis is a problem many of our patients face, it can be dangerous for your dental health. Many of our costumers have refered to certain symptoms that affects their gums and teeth in the long run. If leaved unatended it can lead to nasty consequences such as periodontal disease and teeth loss. So if you want to avoid it stay here and read until the end so you can learn awesome tips for this. Also, we will teach you how to treat it properly before it goes wrong.


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Why you should care about ginigivitis


Gingivitis is basically a gum infections that is created by germs and bacteria in the mouth. It will manifest in small symptoms such as red gums and bleeding when brushing and then escalate to gums recesion and tooth loss. That is why you must to pay attention to any signs that it can point to gingivitis, because if you can stop it on its track your teeth will be saved. If you see any of these symptoms, please pay a visit to your dentist to act as soon as possible.


As said before this dental disease can evolve for the worst and amke your teeth literally fall. this is because the infection can affect the teeth and jawbone, making it deteriorate and weard down. this will make your teeth to fall off, making it hard to solve, but not impossible. Patients at this stage needs bonegraft and dental implants if they wish to recover their teeth and smile. More about dental treatment available as options later in this article for you to get an idea.


Reasons why gingivitis appears


The main reason why patients suffer from gingivitis is bad dental hygiene, they sadly let bacteria and germs to grown freely in their mouth. This is why I sound like a broken record daying that it is so dangerous to not take care of your dental helath at home. Even small things like diet can affect your gums and teeth, like consuming too much sugar and grease. Alcohol and ohter bad habits lige smoking cigarettes also affects badly your gums. This are some of the common causes for gum disease and other dental diseases.


If you wish to avoide these effects and suffer from gingivitis and periodontitis you need to quit some of these habits. This includes abusing cigarettes, alcohol, and bad diete that do not include vegetable and fruits. Eating a healthy and balanced diet make your teeth to stay clean and strong, this include soft tissue like gums. Staying well hydrated is also key for a good dental hygiene and keeping gums healthy.


how to avoid it


I have let you know some gold nuggets fo knowledge about how to avoid gingivitis like healthy diet and good dental hygiene.  Staying on this topic, you should strive to clean your teeth daily, at least 3 times a day. This is reallly important if you clean between your teeth, where food debris get easily stuck and decompose. By using dental floss and mouthwash after brushing, you are doing most of the hard work to save your teeth and gums. Other tools you can use is interdental toothbrush to clean between your teeth if you do not feel comfortable using dental floss.


Next, you should keep your teeth in top form by going for regular checkups and cleaning at the dentist. This is something you should do every 6 months, it is so important because we cannot clean every area of our teeth and mouth effectively at home. Dentists are the only professional trained to take good care of our teeth and rememeber you can save money by using Los Algodones Dentists’ Guide for any dental treatment you need.

Dentaltreatments that can save you from gingivitis


As said before, cleaning is an important treatment to get every time you visit your dentist. Cleaning between your teeth is key as food debris get stuck there and between the teeth and gums. We mention this a lot because it is important to take action as soon or better, before any symptom shows. After the symptoms are present there are other treatments can help such as scalling and gums insertion for the gums recesion. The longer you wait to get an appointment, you will need costly treatment to solve the effects. As an example, for tooth loss you will probably need bonegraft and dental treatment to replace missing teeth.


Periodontal disease caused by gingivitis is one of the reason our patients seek for dental implants, especialy allon4. Allon4 is a dental implant procedure that uses 4 dental implants to support a full denture per arch. This makes it the best dental treatment for teeth replacemanet as it lets patients to get a new set of teeth. They function as natural teeth and look amazing, you can see some pictutres at our reviews. It is our most requested treatment but feel free to ast for estimates to our patient coordinator to see other options. See you next week in the next article and hope you have a nice rest of your week!