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How to choose the proper dental treatment for you

Hello guys. Today I am gonna help all of you who wonder this. It is a question I get a lot from patients who are considering coming to Los Algodones for dental treatment. They ask how to know what exactly they need in order to bring enough money for their treatment. The answer is really easy, and that is why today’s article will be really short.


How not to chooseRoot Canal Treatment


I have to get this out of the way first, because this tend to  give the patients the wrong idea. The worst thing you can do while researching is to google your condition. More often than not you will only find crazy things. Remember your dental problems can be really different from other patinents.


Other thing you should not do is to ask anybody that is not a dentist. Some patients ask for advice from their friends and family because they are afraid of dentists. You should not be afraid, think of this, who is better to answer such a professional question if it is not a professional?


Choose your dental treatment correctly


You can start researching by consulting a dentist. We suggest to going to a dentist close by. However we can guarantee free checkup at our clinic if you wish to save the money. As for prices for other procedures, our costs are 50% less than the United State and Canada. So do not be shy and fill the contact form to schedule an appointment soon.

Root Canal Treatment

The other method is to get X rays or a CT scan. This is important because some dental problems cannot be seen in all their extend. An example are root canals, the dentists need to see the big picture first before starting a treatment. You can do the x rays before coming to the clinic or you can get ir for FREE at our clinic in Los Algodones.