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Soda: What Effect Do They Have?

Either it is pop or soda, we as dentists want to tell you a little bit more about them. And just to be clear, by saying soda we are referring to all those acidic carbonated drinks out there.

We all love our sodas every now and then, especially with kids and fast food meals! But drinking too much soda and not doing anything about it can take its toll in the long run. That is why we are here with some helpful information for you to consider and take proper measures.

What soda does to your teeth

Soda absolutely is fatal for your teeth in the long run as it not only is composed mainly of sugar, but it also is acidic which harms the enamel. By regularly drinking soda you are subjected to three things:

  1. Staining of your teeth.
  2. The acidity these drinks subject your teeth to.
  3. The amount of sugar in the soda.

So naturally, you want to avoid all of these problems by regulating the intake, right? We will briefly explain how each one of them happens and affect your mouth.


Teeth stains

This is especially present for sodas with dark colors. You see, when you are constantly sipping or drinking sodas, it is normal for the tooth enamel to become discolored by the absorption of the components present in them. This is also true for coffee, tea and wines.

There are always tooth whitening treatments to get rid of them. These are in-office cleanings and over-the-counter products. The first one is more effective as it is done by a professional, and much quicker, too. The second one comes in the form of toothpastes and may take a while as it must be strictly safe to use.

If you are interested in tooth whitening or any other dental procedure, we wholeheartedly recommend contacting us to get in touch with the best dentists in Los Algodones, Mexico.


Acidic components in soda

All soda have a common component in them: phosphoric acid. This acid is known to affect the tooth enamel to the point of leading to tooth sensitivity.

So in a sense, it is working like the acid produced by the bacteria in your mouth. This makes it even more important to maintain your mouth clean and tidy!


Sugar that also turns into acid

As you are aware, there are tons and tons of bacteria in our mouths. The bacteria that causes gum disease and tooth decay feed on this sugar, becoming dental plaque, then acid. This is what makes tooth decay happen, especially for the teeth on the back that are hard to reach by the brush. So if you let it slide and let them sit on your morals, they start eating the top and eventually will reach to the pulp. Ultimately, cavities are bound to happen to our poor teeth.

Because of this it’s important to have good oral habits, which is brushing and flossing everyday for the most part.


Tips to prevent further damage

We know soda is pretty likeable as well as affordable, but even so, you have to take care of your mouth! As such we leave these tips for you:

  • Lowering the amount of soda you consume is a great place to start. Try replacing it with other drinks, such as sparkling water, juice, milkshakes, or even plain water.
  • Be conscious if you are constantly sipping on soda throughout the day. Dentists in Los Algodones recommend that you rinse your mouth to wash away the sugar that clings to your teeth.
  • Drinking clear sodas is believed to not cause as much tooth discoloration in the long run for its lack of artificial colors.
  • If you are going to indeed drink soda then you might as well opt to use a straw. This will avoid having it in contact with your teeth for long amounts of time.
  • If your water has fluoride in it, that is a great way to strengthen your teeth! So make sure to drink water daily, hopefully making you crave soda less.