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Fluorisis: What Is It About?

Today, we shall speak a little bit about fluorisis. With all of fluoride‘s benefits on our everyday dental habits, it might affect the upcoming teeth of kids. Of course, we do not mean that fluoride is bad, just that there have to be some measures before the teeth erupt.


First, what is fluorisis?

Fluorisis must not be confused with a disease, it is, in fact, just a cosmetic condition.

This is caused when too much fluoride is absorbed before the teeth have fully developed. Thanks to this, the teeth of somebody who has fluorisis will show white or brown discolorations, or some stains on the surface of our teeth.

Once the teeth are done developing, it is not possible to suffer from fluorisis.


How do I know if I or my child have fluorisis?

As we have mentioned before, this condition is purely cosmetic, and it depends on the degree. Slight and mild cases are really hard to spot without the help of a professional, whereas moderate and severe cases are much more noticeable.

Slight and mild cases are where there are barely any chances on the surface of the teeth. Usually in these cases there is no need to intervene nor provide treatment. Though if the patient is bothered by it cosmetically, there are treatments to cover them.

Moderate and severe cases are where the change in color and shape are noticeable. There are procedures and treatments in order to fix this. Generally the most popular are: teeth whitening, veneers, bonding and crowns.


Does fluorisis have an effect on health?

This is a common question that our dentists in Los Algodones have been asked, and the answer is no. This condition cannot be passed to other people nor it will compromise your health later on.

Depending on how bad it is, the teeth’s shapes might be different from the normal. This in turn would likely affect bite as well as be a little tricky to brush, making it easier to develop tooth decay or cavities. But other than that, it will not have much impact!


Tips to prevent it

Fluorisis is caused by taking more fluoride than intended. Take into account that since children are still small, the quantities we take as adults might be too much for them. And it does not help that there are many sources to get it from nowadays!

As such we recommend the following:

  • If you are brushing your kid’s teeth with toothpaste, make sure to not use too much. About a pea size is okay, even more and it would be harmful. If you are using more than that it would even be better to use a toothpaste without fluoride!
  • If they use mouthwash, make sure it does not contain fluoride. Fluoride is good but that is when the teeth have finished developing. It is okay to lower the excessive amounts your kid might be getting from other sources.
  • Make sure that they are getting rid of the toothpaste once they are done brushing. Sometimes this happens as the toothpastes for kids are flavored, you are free to not opt for those.
  • Take them to the dentist. A professional will tell you if they are doing good or bad through some X-rays and exams. Remember that they are the ones that know about the subject! So their help is much appreciated.