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So you want the best deal in Allon4

Hi guys it is a pleasure to welcome you back to our blog. Today I will show you how you can save money in Allon4 treatment. This is a very popular treatment in Los Algodones because it gives the patient a permanent fixed denture, for an affordable price if you choose us. It is really expensive in the States and getting a good price is quite hard by itself.


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Allon4 treatment? What is that?

The Allon4 dental implant treatment consists in a procedure where 4 implants per jaw will support a full permanent denture. You can forever forget about partial and traditional dentures as you can replace all your teeth with one. Thanks to modern science, implants can be the perfect replacement for missing teeth. It can be really lifechanging to get a new set of teeth that function well and make you look good, like a movie star.


The procedure begins with the CT scan, this serve see the patient’s jawbone. With enough bone the implants can be settled with no problem at all. On the contrary, a bone graft is performed to fill the lack of bone in the jaw. This will slow the treatment down six to eight months as the bone has to heal before placing the implant in place.


Installing the implants is a quick and painless process thanks to local anesthesia. Patient can request IV sedation, of course. A computer drill is used to calculate the exact place for the implants to be in place, it is very precise. After that a temporary denture is custom made for the healing period. The healing period can go between four to eight months, this will depend on each patient. Remember to follow all your dentist’s instructions so the implants heal nicely, otherwise they can fail miserably.


After the healing period, the patient comes back for the final denture. This denture can be made from many materials such as porcelain, zirconia or acrylic. The look and feel will be just like natural teeth.




Are Allon6 and Allon8 worth it?


We get many questions about the Allon6 and Allon8 in Los Algodones. The main deal is that is that one uses 6 implants and the other 8 implants instead of 4 per jaw like the all on 4. This offer more sustain but adds more weight and stress to your jaw. Which one is more optimal for you will depend on many factors. Bone density, muscle, lifestyle, dental hygiene and health are some of the factors that weights in. The implantologist will have the final word on this matter.


In most cases it won’t be necessary to use more than 4 implants per arch. 4 titanium implants are enough to support a porcelain denture, for example. Putting more weight in the jaw can be bad for your health in the long run. We suggest consulting with our dentists and doing every exam needed beforehand in order to decide the best course of action.


Other dental implants you can get in Los Algodones


Getting an Allon4 treatment can be difficult for some patients due to its price or the procedure itself. But there are plenty of options available that exist that achieve the same thing. You can replace missing teeth with bridges or even partial dentures. This can offer a solution, that even if it is not permanent it looks aesthetically pleasing. Fell free to ask us about all the options available for you.


You can go for a snap on denture as an alternative for the allon4 too. It uses only 2 implants per arch and a snap on denture. It is cheaper but it is not permanent, the denture can be taken on and off any time. Because it uses 2 implants it does not offer full support as fixed denture of the allon4. In the future you can adapt those implants if you go for an all on 4, saving money in the process if you wish.

Los algodones allon4

Get the best deal in Allon4 in Los Algodones


Getting an allon4 for an affordable price in the United States is nearly impossible. It cost around $20,000 per arch which is a sum of money not everybody can afford. You can get it at half of the price with the same quality at our dental clinics. We are in Los Algodones, Mexico located about just 10 miles southwest from Yuma, Arizona. With our services you can get in contact with the best dental clinics in town


Make an appointment simply using the contact form to receive a FREE quote and make your appointment for FREE. We will assist you in every step of the process so you can arrive to the clinic with no problem at all. We only work with the best dentists so you can get maximum quality for an affordable price. No one should get broke just because of dental health, you should pay a fair price.


One thing I want to add is to beware of cheaper dental implants in the States. Many dental clinics have been using cheap dental implants not suited for the allon4 to compete with Los Algodones. This is as dangerous as getting hit by a hammer in the face. We suggest making an appointment with professional implantologists such as the dentists at our top clinics in town. I have heard so many stories about patients who lose their teeth because they chose the wrong dentist.


Hope this article served you well. I hope that you want to make an appointment with us. Also, I want to remind you that we have other articles dedicated to dental at our blog. You can check them out any time. You can leave your feedback down in the comments below along with your questions. See you next week in the next entry, bye!