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How much time do dental crowns need to be ready?

Hello guys. Welcome to another entry on this awesome blog. Today I want to discuss about the time for dental crowns to be ready. It is a question I get from most of the patients interested in getting crowns for the first time. At least when they come for dental treatment in Los Algodones Mexico. It is understandable but I want to clear some myths they ask me that are flat out false.

What are dental crowns?

For those who do not know a crown is a cap that goes on the tooth. It is the perfect solutions for chipped or broken teeth. It can change the way a smile looks for the better and its cost is really low in Mexico. This reason helps that many patients cross the US border to get dental crowns in Los Algodones. Take a look at our dental price list and fall in love with our prices

How much time does my dental crowns takes to be ready?

The usual time for a crown to be ready is 3 days. At least for porcelain, and it will depend on the quantity too. A huge work could take 5 days or even a week. This is because porcelain takes more time in the oven to be ready to install. If a clinic promises you 1 day crowns, chances are that it is a defective product. They will break or fall as soon as you return home. Be careful with that.

Zirconia crowns on the other hand are ready faster. They can be ready for the next day or 3 depending on the quantity. As for which one is better I suggest Zirconia because they not only look better they are stronger. Full porcelain are not that bad too, they can last up to 10 years if you take good care of them. But if you are in a budget I recommend porcelain fused with metal as they are cheapest, the downside is the metallic lining underneath the crown.