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Do you want whiter teeth easily?

Whiter teeth are something we all want in life. It seems so impossible sometimes but it is easier than you may think. That is way today I want to share some secrets on how you can have white teeth easily. All the secrets revealed to you today, so if it is your first time reading our humble blog, welcome. Hope you enjoy your staying here and check our other articles too.


Remember we have lots of articles dedicated to dental hygiene and dental treatment. Here you will learn how to take proper care of your teeth and save money in dental in the process. If this article helps you, please share it online so we can grow thanks to your help. Suggestions and comments will be down below, so feel free to tell us what you think. Now, let’s begin with today-s topic.


How we fail to have whiter teeth

I want to start by pointing out the things that are staining your teeth. If you want whiter teeth as soon as possible you should avoid these habits. Bad habits will wreck your teeth and give you a difficult time achieving the dental health you deserve. The first one of them is drinking too much coffee. I know, it is delicious but drinking more than a cup daily will stain your teeth really quick. Try to not exceed one cup a day and you should be fine.

The same goes for other drinks such as sodas, soft drinks with colorants and processed sugar. They weaken the teeth enamel so it is easier for them to get stained. Drinking more natural fruits and water will mitigate the effect and it is way healthier. The same goes with your eating habits, candies and desserts are great, but abusing them will only make your smile look discolored and bland.


Smoking is also a huge culprit for yellow teeth in lots of our patients. If you smoke and drink alcohol regularly, then you should cut it down or quit completely. These habits are really bad for your dental health. Not only make impossible to have whiter teeth, they affect your health too. Imagine getting gingivitis, cancer, bad breath and other nasty effects and condition just for smoking. Trust me, you do not want to see how your teeth will look like in the future.


Last but not least, poor dental hygiene can also affect your teeth. This is the main reason why people do not have white teeth. They do not brush their teeth enough, if you want to be on the other side, pay close attention to the next segment.


Do you want whiter teeth?


As I said in the beginning, whiter teeth is easier than you may think. The first step is to have a proper dental care routine. It should start every morning by brushing your teeth , then using dental floss and finishing with rinsing with mouthwash. Let me break it down to you, the ultimate dental hygiene routine.


Using a soft bristle toothbrush is mandatory as it is the best option. Medium and hard bristles are harsh to your enamel and soft tissue, it wear them down and even cause cuts. You do not want to cut yourself brushing, trust me on that. Using slow and gentle strokes when brushing is more than enough to do clean them properly, avoiding damage. Brushing rapid and aggressively will only cause damage as stated above.


Use toothpaste whitening properties, this will help you get whiter teeth at home. After brushing, use dental floss to clean between your teeth, this is a very important step. Food debris accumulates there and when it rots it causes trouble. By using floss and rinsing with mouthwash you get your teeth clean for the day. Repeat this ritual 3 times a day, it should not take you more than 5 minutes to complete.


If you do not miss a day it will get you the smile of your dreams. However this is just the beginning, as you need time and constancy to see the results. This is where many fail as they are too lazy to brush their teeth daily. Nevertheless there another step where patients fail, and it is going to the dentist for their regular cleaning.

How to have perfect white teeth

Trusting your dentist


You can brush your teeth all you want but it is not enough to get whiter teeth. You need to see your dentist at least 2 times a day for checkup and cleaning. This will keep your teeth in top form and avoid dental diseases in the process. It is better to attack the problem in time and not when it is too late, it can get quite expensive to fix it.


Luckily for you, whitening your teeth it is an easy fix and it should not cost that much, except in the US and Canada. That is where we offer ou our services in Los Algodones, Mexico. You can get deals that are 50% less than the prices back at home. We work with the best dental clinics in town so you get the best quality services. Make your appointment now and receive a complete dental service while saving money in the process.

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