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Best solutions for yellow teeth

Yellow teeth are a common problem many patients have. There is nothing more unattractive than smiling and see the teeth all stained. It is such a turn off that discourages most of us. Luckily for you it is easy to fix. Today I will show you the best solutions for your stained teeth. If it sounds interesting enough, keep reading so you get the smile of your dreams.


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Causes of yellow teeth


First let’s see why your teeth get stains over time. By learning this you can begin to adopt better habits to avoid yellow teeth. The first reason is dental hygiene. Bad dental hygiene will make your teeth look really bad, really fast. Many patients do not brush their teeth every day. I am impressed that most patients believe that brushing their teeth once a day is enough to keep a good dental hygiene.

How to have perfect white teeth

This is wrong, you must brush your teeth at least 33 times a day. If you have problems to schedule when you should brush your teeth, do it after every meal. Keep in mind to be real gentle and use soft strokes to clean your teeth. Doing it rapidly and aggressive will be bad for your teeth as you can harm your gums and enamel. Doing it wrongly will only make your teeth stain easier. Another mistakes many patients make is to not use dental floss and mouthwash after brushing.


One common cause of yellow teeth is drinking too much coffee. Look, I love coffee too but drinking more than a cup a day is too much. Try to drink less coffee so your teeth do not pay the consequences. The same goes with sugar and soft drinks. They are tasty but in excess they can really leave some stains hard to clean.


Last but not least beware of alcohol and tobacco. Both of them stain your teeth easily and if you do not cut them down your smile will look horrible. At least think that yellow teeth will be the least of your problems. They bring many diseases such as gingivitis, halitosis, cancer among others. Be careful with your dental health and respect it, try to take better care of yourselg.



How to solve yellow teeth


Now with the main topic of this article, you can have white teeth again. The first thing you have to do is to practice a good dental hygiene at home. As we stated above, brush your teeth 3 times a day. You want to follow up with dental floss and mouthwash to keep everything clean and neat. This habit will make your teeth look white longer in time.


The next step is to watch your diet. Avoid bad habits like smoking and too much junk food. The trick here is to strive for a balanced diet with more vegetable and fruits. Drinking more milk also helps to keep your teeth white because of calcium. A healthy smile, filled with nutrients will look amazing. If you fusion both habits your teeth will look amazing and you will avoid most of stains.


Nevertheless, this is not enough as over time it is natural that your teeth accumulate tartar and plaque. These will stain your teeth over time you like it or not. That is why the best why to solve yellow teeth is with regular cleaning at the dentist. Make an appointment twice a year to receive cleaning and checkups if you want that beautiful smile. Also, if you already have yellow teeth you can fix it with whitening.


Saving money with whitening


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How to have perfect white teeth

Final recommendations


Other recommendations to solve yellow teeth are to use only whitening products with the ADA seal of approval. Even so, do not depend only on this, always visit your dentist for whitening and cleaning. Avoid any DIY because they can be really dangerous for your dental health. Other than that, using whitening toothpaste will help you conserve your white smile longer.


Also, you want to maintain some habits like good hydration and chewing sugarless gums. These two can help your mouth clean itself with saliva. This protects your teeth against germs and bacteria acting as a shield. I have to confess that since I adopt these two habits my teeth look better and I cannot stppo. It is amazing how much difference it makes.


And that is all for today ladies and gentlemen. Hope you learned something new today and share this article with your friends and family. Remember that we are here to help you save money in dental at Los Algodones so do not doubt to let us know. Have a great weekend, Bye!