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Begin 2022 with the right foot for your dental health

Happy New Year and welcome back to our humble blog. We have missed you guys so much and I hope you are willing to begin 2022 with the right foot for your dental health. This is an important goal to achieve because we all want that beautiful white smile. Today, I will remind you some habits that will put you on the right track. Sometimes it is nice to have a friend to remind us what it is really important so we do not lose track of our objectives.


But before we start, I want to remind you guys as well that we have tons of articles dedicated to dental hygiene and dental health. We are talking about literally hundreds of content on how to have better teeth and dental treatment that can improve your smile. So give it a look whenever you have time and do not forget to share it with friends and family online. It helps us grow immensely and reach more people.


Dental health’s habits you cannot forget in 2022


As we said above it is important to have good habits for a healthy smile. I will make a short list of the ones you cannot forget at all. It does not matter what are you going through you cannot forget about them. Doing these habits daily will make your teeth look amazing like celebrities and movie stars. Best part is that they are so easy and simple to follow, also they do not take that much time from your day. So let’s see what they are about and why they are so important for your dental health.


Brushing your teeth

This is a classic but many people still underrate it. Brushing your teeth daily will improve your dental hygiene tenfold. You cannot miss a single day or your teeth will get stained and decay. If you want to avoid dental diseases, please brush your teeth daily. As how much you should brush, 2 to 3 times a day is enough. Less than that is a bad habit and I repeat, this is a habit you do not want to skip at all.


Because I feel a little giving today I will share you my personal brushing routine with you. It is really easy, you begin by putting toothpaste on your soft bristle toothbrush, covering just half, you do not need that much. By the way, soft bristle is the best toothbrush you can get because it cleans better and you avoid damage into your enamel and soft tissue. Then you proceed to brush slow and steady, do not rush or be fast and aggressive. The key is to be gentle and take your time to clean well.

Do not forget floss and mouthwash


Another step you cannot skip too is using dental floss and mouthwash. These two complete a perfect triangle along with brushing. After you are done brushing your teeth, you have to use a couple of inches of floss. Cleaning between your teeth is important to also avoid dental diseases or gingivitis. Food debris gets stuck easily between your teeth and when it rots it affects your teeth. So flossing will improve your dental health and breath.


Speaking of which, to improve your breath as well you need to rinse. For that I suggest an antiseptic mouthwash to kill all bacteria remaining in your mouth. This is so important too because that way you can avoid having bad breath problems. As you can see, having healthy teeth is easy as cake just following these simple steps. Doing them constantly every day is what makes or break a good healthy smile.


The most important habit for dental health


Now I want to share the most important habit for your dental health in 2022. Doing this two times a year will seriously improve your teeth looks and health. I am referring to visiting a dentist. That is right, by going to the dentist twice a year will do wonders for your teeth. With just checkup and cleaning your teeth will be strong, beautiful and healthy for years to come. This routine will detect problems before they happens.

If you act before it is too serious you will save money and headaches. So schedule an appointment soon to be your first cleaning of the year. By the way if you wish to save 50% of dental this year I suggest you to come to Los Algodones. We make the appointment for you for FREE with the best dentists in town. We give you the best prices and quality in dental treatment, saving you time and money.


To receive an estimate use the contact form above so we can send you the prices for your dental needs. We give you info about the dental clinic and help you every step of the way so you can arrive to the clinic safely. As we said above, our services are completely FREE of cost and we won’t ask you for any money. We are proud to say that we have helped hundreds of patients last year to receive affordable dental treatment in Los Algodones, Mexico. You can be one of them for 2022!


Going the extra mile


There are many things you can still do in 2022 to improve your smile. One of the things you have to watch is your diet. Your teeth can change a lot depending of what you eat. Try to eat healthier and avoid junk food and sugar. Along with alcohol and cigarettes, they ruin your teeth and breath. Instead drink more water, eat more veggies and fruits and your teeth will look amazing always. Milk in one hand it is so good for your teeth because it contains calcium.


That is all for today folks, hope you enjoyed it. Let me know your suggestions down in the comment so we can have a discussion there. See you next week as always and do not forget to implement today’s tips to improve your dental health.