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Remembering the best dental hygiene tips before 2020

Hi guys, welcome to the last blog of the year. Before 2019 ends and we begin a new chapter in our lives, I want to remember the best dental hygiene tips. This will help us to keep on the right track to achieve that perfect smile we always wanted. We made many mistakes when taking care of our teeth and to avoid this let’s ... More

How to choose the right toothbrush for you

Hello once again and welcome. Toothbrushes are a big part of our dental hygiene and we should care about what we use to clean our teeth. The wrong toothbrush can do more harm than good. But choosing the right one is a simple task and that is why today we are going to share with you some tips to choose the perfect one for you! ... More

Which dental crown is the best for me?

Hello guys, welcome to another blog! Today I want to address one question many patients ask me. By popular demand, dental crowns in Los Algodones are one of the top services. Thanks to its cost, it is a very accessible treatment to go for. But how do you know what dental crown to go for? Hopefully today we will help you find ... More

What habits to avoid if you want a beautiful smile?

Habits are everything, if you treat your body good it will look good. It is as simple as that and if you want a beautiful smile you have to treat your teeth good. The last thing you want to do is to live a life that endangers your teeth health, and this where we come to the picture. We are going to give you some tips on what ... More

Home remedies you can easily make for toothache

Toothache is one of those things that it is difficult to shake. When a tooth is chipped or has cavities it is inevitable to feel some pain. Sometimes it can be borderline unbearable and then is when we start to worry. This situation can present at any time of the day and if it is the wrong time we cannot visit our dentists to ... More

Every day tips to have whiter teeth

Hello everybody! Hope you are having a great week and are brushing those teeth two times a day. Speaking of brushing today I want to share some of my personal tips to have whiter teeth. These are tips that you can do every day to gain that beautiful smile you always wanted. So let’s not waste more time and begin with this ... More

Having trouble getting used to your dentures? These tips are for you!

It does not matter if you are using dentures for the first time or if you are have been using them for a long time. Using dentures can suck at the beginning. They can turn out to be really uncomfortable to get used to for some patients. For those patients who wants to speed the process and control their dentures like a pro, I ... More

Coming to Mexico for dental treatment? We have some amazing pointers for you!

Mexico has been raising as the number 1 destination for affordable dental treatment for US tourist. Many people cross the border everyday seeking great deals and offer for they dental needs. If you are one of the thousands of patients interested and want to know how to get to the clinic then this article will prove to be very ... More

Why dental veneers are the best option for chipped teeth

There exist plenty of options for repairing chipped teeth, the most popular one is fillings. Fillings now days come in resin, which is a good thing. One problem with fillings is that after extensive use and time it will fall off. Leaving the tooth cracked or chipped again. This can be a little bumming for those patients who ... More