What Are Incipient Caries?

Greetings and Happy New Year, everybody! Today I want to tackle this topic of incipient caries, which in simple words is the early stage of tooth decay. You might have heard the name from the dentist or maybe found it somewhere, but if you have doubts about it, then you have come to the right place. As a little fun fact, it is thanks to today’s technology and knowledge that it is no longer necessary to get rid of the whole tooth in order to treat this.


Incipient caries mean incipient lesion

Having these caries means we have an incipient lesion. But what does this mean, what does it do?

To put in simple words, our teeth are always in a demineralizing and remineralizing process. Eating, clenching our teeth, even brushing hard takes away tiny pieces of the tooth enamel. When we have an incipient lesion, then that means we are losing more minerals than our teeth are getting, so we are subjected to caries and tooth decay.

Of course, this is a very early stage, so if you are concerned about it, then I applaud you! Most people just wait until they have a clear sign in order to do something about it and visit their dentists.

Some tips our Los Algodones dentists can provide, is that you make sure to get rid of the buildup plaque from within your gums. Also that you make sure to use a fluoride toothpaste with the ADA seal of approval.


How to fight the incipient caries?

Now that you know what it is and that it may harm your pearly whites in the distant future, now it is time to know how to stop it! This is quite easy to accomplish, as you just have to make sure your teeth regain those lost minerals more than they lose it.

So here you have some tips in order to keep those teeth going strong and clean:

  • First and foremost, make use of tap water, as water supplies fluoridate it. By just keeping yourself hydrated, you will not only give the fluoride that your teeth require, but also boosting your saliva production. Saliva also helps in the whole process of remineralizing. You also get to combat dry mouth!
  • Also make sure the toothpaste you use includes fluoride. The fluoride from tap water alone will not be enough for keeping your teeth out of tooth decay’s way. By utilizing and brushing yourself daily, you will be on a good way to having healthy teeth that last a lifetime. You can also make use of mouth rinses or mouthwashes, as some of them can contain the mineral.
  • If it is the back teeth that you are worried about, then dental sealants can be of use. Dentists usually recommend them to people who have deep grooves and fissures on their molars, which are difficult to reach and pay attention to with a toothbrush. By having a sealant close those off, it is harder for bacteria and plaque to be unhindered.


Get those oral habits on point

And as usual, you require excellent oral habits. In case you need a reminder:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day, for two minutes each time. The reason behind this is that the components in your toothpaste require that much time in order to truly be effective.
  • Use smooth, gentle strokes with your toothbrush, and use a soft-bristled one. Hard-bristles and hard strokes tear away your enamel. The process of brushing is to get rid of plaque which is soft and sticky, no need to apply too much force!
  • Floss once a day. If you unable to do so due complications, there are also alternatives!
  • Make sure to visit your dentist at least once every six months. They are able to keep a track of how your mouth changes and if you are doing good. Also, they are the perfect person to talk to in case a problem arises.

If you want cheap and professional procedures, feel free to contact us, as we have the best dentists in Los Algodones.

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