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Bone Graft: General Questions

Greetings! In today’s article we shall tackle what a bone graft is, who needs it, what it is used for and its overall procedure. Hopefully this will calm you a little bit if you have been told you need it for one reason or another!

So in order to start with it, we shall separate everything into neat subheadings, so not only you find the information faster, but also learn it in a more simplified matter:


What is a bone graft?

Bone grafting is a procedure that consists in using natural bone graft from the patient’s body to transplant bone tissue. It is a very common process in the scenario where the patient’s jaw bone is too thin or soft for the upcoming dental implants.

You see, a dental implant requires steady and healthy bone tissue for it to stay in place like it should with no repercussions.


Two types of bone grafts

These are rather easy to learn: allograft and autograft.

Allograft uses the bone from a donor that has been thoroughly prepared and stored. Autograft comes from within your body, such as the pelvis, ribs, hips or even your wrists.

Usually for dental implants an autograft is more than necessary, as it does not require big reconstructions. Of course, depending on the patient is where the tissue is recollected, most of the cases it is from the chin.


Why is it required?

There are plenty of reasons why you would need a bone graft procedure. And the truth is, it has worked wonders everywhere, not only teeth related! Injuries, diseases, they are the most common reasons to need one:

  • Bone grafts help in the recovery and heal of complex fractures, in the scenario that it does not heal properly at first.
  • Helps regenerating bone that has been lost due infection, disease or injury.
  • Makes it possible for two bones to fuse if there is a diseased joint.
  • Aids towards the healing around surgically implanted devices. Such is the case for screws, plates and dental implants!

Also take into account that even with implants or not, it is important to have good oral habits. Afterall, you must take care of those teeth if you want them to last!


How is the procedure carried out?

The procedure per se is very simple! As always, physical examination and a medical history are necessary before the surgery to know everything is safe. So make sure to tell them if you are under any medication, supplement or drugs.

After it is safe to proceed, the procedure itself is quite easy to explain. A section of bone from another part of your body will be taken in order to use a bone graft material. This makes it safe as there is no risk of rejection from your body. Though nowadays it is possibly to use a synthetic material that is biocompatible with the patient, much more simple! Whichever is the case, the jawbone is prepared with it in order for it to regain any lost density.

This procedure is pretty quick and painless, and usually requires a recovery of up to six months. Once this has all passed, then the patient is ready to receive a dental implant without worries.  Which again, requires to discuss the personal medical history together with potential risks and benefits.

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